Kawasaki gives first details Eliminator 500

After launching the Eliminator 400 in Japan in the spring, Kawasaki announced the comeback of the Eliminator for the rest of the world in early June. Now Kawasaki is releasing more details about this motorcycle, which will be called the “Eliminator 500” and will be available in two versions: the Eliminator 500 and the Eliminator 500 SE.

With the Eliminator 500, Kawasaki focuses on the novice motorcycle rider and female motorcycle rider with an A2 license and, Team Green hopes, will leave a mark on the urban scene with its “unique, modern custom style”. The machine combines a liquid-cooled parallel twin with Kawasaki’s tubular frame technology.

When developing the Eliminator, Kawasaki says it paid a lot of attention to ergonomics. Kawasaki speaks of a natural seating position, which provides riding comfort that is good for a whole day of riding pleasure. The seat height is only 735 mm, making it easy for riders of small stature to reach the ground with their legs.

Kawasaki also offers two alternative seat height options within the original Ergo-Fit range (765 mm and 715 mm), so that everyone can create the perfect seat height on the Eliminator.

Naturally, the Eliminator has full LED lighting all around, while from the saddle you have a view of an LCD display with Bluetooth connectivity, which can connect to the Kawasaki Redeology app, providing you with all kinds of additional functions and information.

The Eliminator is powered by a 500cc parallel twin, which, according to Kawasaki, benefits from all the knowledge and experience built up over the years with parallel two-cylinder engines. Downdraft air inlets provide a short, direct intake path to the cylinders. A 5.8-liter airbox with cylinder-specific height intakes contribute to the engine’s smooth response, while large, 32 mm throttle bodies ensure optimal airflow.

According to Kawasaki, this must have resulted in appealing power and strong torque at low speeds, which must have greatly improved control and handling at low speeds and at the same time contributed to a relaxed driving style.

For the bicycle part of the Eliminator, Kawasaki sought inspiration from the Ninja 400. A steering geometry was chosen that ensures light, natural operation. Thanks to a refined frame design, the Eliminator offers a low weight despite its impressive appearance and 1,520 mm wheelbase.

The diecast swingarm is attached directly to the engine block, which contributes to the stability and modest weight. At the front, a Custom-style 18″ front wheel is fitted, while at the rear a 16″ rear wheel is mounted. The unique look of the Eliminator is further created by a long and low design with elegant proportions, in which the slim fuel tank plays an important role.

“The design of this impressive composition strikes a balance between active performance and looks, while the round headlight and twin-shock rear suspension contribute to the authentic custom style,” said Kawasaki. For the SE model, a unique color and graphics package is paired with a stylish headlight cover, rubber fork protectors, a handlebar-mounted USB-C connection and a special SE saddle with signature stitching.

The Eliminator will be in the Kawasaki showroom from January, the Elimintaor 500 in the color Metallic Flat Spark Black, the Eliminator 500 SE in the color Metallic Carbon Gray / Flat Ebony. Prices will be announced later.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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