Lost your phone? This way you can find your smartphone with Google Assistant

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It all happens to us sometimes: you put your phone somewhere and you can’t find it anymore. Then of course you can ask someone if you want to call your phone, but what if you are alone or have your sound off? Hopefully you will have a Google Home or Assistant speaker at home, because then you can easily find your smartphone.

If you, as an avid Android user, also often use the Google Assistant, then it is nice to know that the two are well linked. To ensure that everything goes well once you have lost your phone, it is advisable to sign up now with your own Google account on both your Android and your Home or Assistant speaker. Then you go to the security settings of your smartphone (this is a different heading per device, but if you search for Security you will get there). Within this category you will find the Find my device option. If you tap that, you can switch the service on and off. To find your phone, it is handy if it is switched on. You may also switch on your location.

Once you’ve done all of this – hopefully you’re still on time – you can now say the following command through your house: “Hey Google, find my phone”. The Google Assistant will immediately do the work for you and let your phone go off at a high volume. So you can undoubtedly hear him. Incidentally, it doesn’t matter if you turn your sound off or not, since the Google Assistant can exceed this data. If you have several telephones on your account, the Assistant will list a list of telephones and the voting assistant will ask which one should be called.

Google Assistant
Google Assistant

Different rules apply for iPhone users

If you use an iPhone with Google Assistant, you unfortunately do not have the same options. The Google Assistant cannot change the settings of your smartphone, as you can on an Android device. Moreover, you can only call your telephone via the digital assistant, provided you have entered your telephone number on your contact page. Fortunately, you can still arrange this afterwards, so you don’t necessarily have to prepare it. Once you have done this, you can use the same voice command. If your sound is switched off, you will not hear your telephone.


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