‘M4 chip coming this year’ – with a focus on this function

Apple will provide the Mac with a major update at the end of this year. Because then the new M4 chip will become available.

M4 chip will arrive at the end of this year

Usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman says that the new M4 chip will arrive at the end of this year. This new chip will mainly focus on AI (artificial intelligence).

MacBook Air 2023

Apple introduced the M3, M3 Pro and the M3 Max all at the same time in October last year. So there’s a chance the same thing will happen at the M4 this year. Gurman says the entire Mac line can expect an upgrade to M4 between late 2024 and early 2025.

First up are the iMac, the MacBook Pro (14 inches and 16 inches) and the Mac mini. After that, an upgrade is ready for the MacBook Air (13 inches and 15 inches) sometime in the spring of 2025. Somewhere in the middle of 2025, the Mac Studio will receive the M4 chip and later that year it will be the turn of the Mac Pro.

The new chip will probably come in at least three variants. The entry-level model of the M4 is codenamed ‘Donan’. This chip will then be used in the MacBook Air and the low-end MacBook Pro. Brava is the codename of the standard M4 chip that appears in the high-end MacBook Pro and the high-end Mac mini.

cheapest Mac mini

The fastest M4 chip is codenamed Hidra. This chip is for the Mac Pro. This will probably be an ‘Ultra’ or ‘Extreme’ chip. And the Mac Studio? Apple is rumored to be experimenting with a special version of the M4 Brava chip. This would then be faster than the M4 Pro and the M4 Max Brava chips.

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