MacBook Air 2023 with 15-inch screen: these are the first reviews

Apple has released a MacBook Air with a bigger screen than ever. What do the international reviews say about the MacBook Air 2023?

Macbook Air 2023

Last week, Apple unveiled a new MacBook Air and it’s available everywhere today. The MacBook Air 2023 is the largest MacBook Air we’ve ever seen with a 15.3-inch screen. In addition to a large Liquid Retina display and a battery life of 18 hours, this new laptop has a lot more to offer.

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The new MacBook Air is just 11.5mm thick, making it the thinnest 15-inch laptop in the world. The MacBook Air 2023 runs on the fast M2 chip, just like the 2022 model. So little has changed on the inside of the laptop. What do the international reviews say about the MacBook Air 2023? We put together a number of them for you.

MacBook Air 2023 with 15-inch screen: these are the first reviews

1. Engadget: Big screen, good battery life, but no M3

The Engadget reviewer is impressed with the balance Apple has found between the size of the screen and keeping the MacBook Air 2023 compact. According to the review, the screen is large enough to use all day, but the laptop is at the same time not too big to carry easily. In addition, the keyboard and trackpad are again very nice to use.

The review does express concerns about the processor of the MacBook Air 2023. The M2 chip is impressive and incredibly fast, but it is also a year old. If you buy a laptop at this price, it is nice if it runs on the latest processor. Apple is likely to present the new M3 chip this year with the smaller models of the MacBook Air 2023, so that the M2 chip may quickly become obsolete.

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2. The Verge: MacBook Air 2023 just what was needed

The Verge also responds very positively to the MacBook Air 2023, especially the size of the laptop. The large screen provides a clear view of all the tasks you want to perform, but does not make the MacBook Air 2023 too heavy, according to the reviewer. In fact, the housing is incredibly thin and light, despite the large screen. The review mentions the declining sales figures of the Mac, something that the MacBook Air 2023 may change.

The review mentions as a disadvantage that the laptop does not have more ports, despite the large size of the MacBook Air 2023. The laptop has the same number of ports as the smaller version. The larger MacBook Air 2023 does have much better speakers than the 13-inch version. All in all, the 15-inch MacBook Air is exactly what the market was asking for.

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3. TechCrunch: laptop with a lot of space, but with M2

The reviewer from TechCrunch raves about the large body of the MacBook Air 2023. You have a lot of space on the 15-inch screen, which allows you to perform more tasks at the same time. That’s not all, because your hands also have more space on the side of the keyboard due to the large size of the laptop. This makes it a little easier to lose your hands when typing on the MacBook.

According to TechCrunch’s review, the MacBook Air 2023 should have received a number of improvements in terms of hardware. It is basically the MacBook Air 2022, but in a bigger jacket. An improved (M3) chip or more ports would not have been out of place with the new laptop. It therefore depends on the upcoming M3 chip whether you are not fishing just behind the net with the MacBook Air 2023.

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Conclusion: MacBook Air 2023 is the laptop we’ve been waiting for

The international reviews of the MacBook Air 2023 are therefore generally very positive. With its large screen, the laptop is exactly the MacBook we’ve been waiting for. Now you don’t have to switch directly to the MacBook Pro for a larger size. The M2 chip is incredibly fast and will last for a while, so it is not a loss that the M3 chip is missing at the moment.

Are you still looking for a larger laptop, but do you think the MacBook Pro is too expensive? Then this is your chance! The MacBook Air 2023 is available everywhere from today. Check out the following websites for the best MacBook Air 2023 deals:

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