Manual: Getting started with FaceTime

Facetime is a regular part of iOS and macOS

With FaceTime, you can make video calls to anyone who has an Apple device. How does the app work? We explain!

The app is installed by default on every iPhone or iPad that is suitable for FaceTime. FaceTime is also included on the Mac as standard.

The app uses the webcam on your Mac or the front camera of the iPhone or iPad in combination with the built-in microphone.

Using FaceTime on the Mac

If you want to use FaceTime for the first time, you must first identify yourself using your Apple ID. FaceTime therefore asks you to enter your password on the Mac and log in to your Apple ID. Other people can reach you on your Mac via FaceTime by calling the email address that your Apple ID is associated with. Press the button Next one to go on.

FaceTime will now load all the contact information you have included in your Mac’s address book. Do you want to add a new contact? Then add the contact to the address book. The address book is available through the directory Programs in the dock. Open the app here Contacts. You can add a new contact person by clicking on the +. Then enter the contact’s name and email address that he or she uses for FaceTime. click on Ready to confirm your choice.

Do you want to call the new contact via FaceTime? Then open FaceTime from the folder Programs in the dock. An overview of all contacts is displayed in alphabetical order on the right side of the window. Find the contact in the list and click his or her name. You will now see all the information about the contact person. Do you want to reach the contact on his or her Mac or iPad? Then click on the email address. Would you rather try it via FaceTime on his or her iPhone? Then click on the telephone number of the contact person.

Contacts that you call regularly can be saved in the favorites, which are quickly accessible via a separate tab. To do this, search for the contact person in the address book and click on his or her name. Then click on the button Put in favorites.

Using FaceTime on the iPhone and iPad

Do you use FaceTime on the iPad? Then, just like on a Mac, you can be reached via your email address that is linked to your Apple ID. Therefore, first link this e-mail address to FaceTime if you are using FaceTime for the first time. You do not have to take any extra steps on the iPhone, as the app is linked to your phone number by default.

Do you want to call someone via FaceTime on the iPhone? Then open the app Phone and search in the tab Contacts the contact you want to call. Click on his or her name to view the contact information and click the FaceTime button to initiate a FaceTime call. When you are on a call with someone, you can easily convert the call into a FaceTime call. To do this, simply click on the FaceTime icon on the screen.

The app is on the iPad Phone not available. These devices are therefore equipped with the FaceTime app. Open the app and find the contact in the contact list. Click the contact to view the contact information and click the email address or phone number to start a FaceTime call.

You can also use the app on the iPad or iPod touch Contacts use. Also find the contact in this app and view the contact details of this person. Click the FaceTime button to start a FaceTime call with the person.


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