Meistersinger N°01 forever

Meistersinger is a special watch brand that is best known for watches with only one hand. The unique shape and style of these watches appeals to the imagination of many watch enthusiasts. A good reason to dive deeper into the history of Meistersinger.

Young, but classic

Meistersinger is a relatively young watch brand. Founder Manfred Brassler sensed the zeitgeist in 2001. Life became faster and faster, fast fashion became the norm – also in the watch world. Why buy another watch when you live by your smartphone’s agenda? With this speed came the need for rest. Brassler wanted a classic quality watch that gives the impression that the hectic pace has come to a standstill. His idea was both simple and brilliant.

Photo Medieval clock with 1 hand
▴ Medieval clock with 1 hand

Photo Meistersinger No.01
▴ Meistersinger’s original model, the 01

Until the late Middle Ages, clocks often had only 1 hand. This means that the time cannot be read down to the second, and the feeling that time is slowing down naturally arises. Based on this principle, Brassler developed the Meistersinger N°01. The first Meistersinger watch with one hand. Although the watch has only 1 hand, it is still easy to read because the design of the dial is based on the look of classic measuring instruments. For example, the scales that used to be at the grocery store. This gives the Meistersinger N°01 its very own character.

Meistersinger 01

Meistersinger 01

Meistersinger 01

How does a one-hand watch work?

In principle, the Meistersinger N°01 works in the same way as a ‘regular’ watch with three hands. It contains a hand-wound Swiss movement with a power reserve of 42 hours. It is the layout of the dial that makes this watch unique.

Whole hours are indicated with a longer bar (index) and a number. The digits 1 to 9 are preceded by a 0. This is a typical Meistersinger feature.

The space between the hour indices is divided into units of 5 minutes. The quarter-hour indices are slightly longer than the 5-minute indices. Because the pointer is sharpened into a sharp point, it is possible to read the time accurately to within 5 minutes.

Photo one-hand watch 10 o'clock
▴ Ten o’clock

Photo one-hand watch 10:15 am
▴ A quarter past ten

The own style of the Meistersinger N°01 and N°03

As the name suggests, the N°01 is the original Meistersinger. All other models in the collection are descended from this original model. The aesthetic principles of the N°01 always return: the classic design, the clearly legible numbers, the convex glass and the pointy pointer.

The Meistersinger range has expanded over the years with more models. The 01 successor, the N°03, has the same design, but an automatic movement. And now there are also much more complex models that also show the day of the week, the date, or even a second time zone. For example the Vintage and the Perigraph. The design of these watches also remains in line with Brassler’s basic idea, because the rotation of the date discs continues to remind us of the movement of the celestial bodies that forms the basis of how we measure time.

So back to basics. Take a break… And that’s what the logo above the name Meistersinger means: a ‘fermata’ the pause symbol in music notation.

Photo Meistersinger 01 watch with cup of coffee
▴ Time for a good cup of coffee

Photo sheet music
▴ Fragment sheet music Tattoo with Fermata symbol

Meistersinger watches at Techzle

The Meistersinger N°01 watch is available in two sizes: 40 and 43 mm and – like all other Meistersinger watches – comes in a beautiful box that has the shape of a book. You can – of course – view our complete collection of Meistersinger watches in our store in Breda. Or order online from the comfort of your couch and have your new watch delivered conveniently to your home.


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