Microsoft is introducing a new powerful category of computers with improved AI performance. These Copilot+ PCs are available as new ultra-thin laptops from Microsoft Surface with light touchscreens and devices from Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung.

Microsoft recently announced a lot of news, including new Copilot+ PCs, of which you can find an overview here:
• According to Microsoft, the Copilot+ computers are the fastest and most intelligent Windows computers ever with powerful hardware capable of 40+ TOPS (trillion processes per second) providing access to the most advanced AI models. With the 8 high performance cores and 4 efficiency optimized cores in the built-in CPU of the X Elite from the Snapdragon X Series, the Copilot+ computers are optimized for running AI workloads.
• The Copilot+ computers are available on new ultra-thin Microsoft Surface laptops with light touchscreens and devices from Microsoft’s OEM partners Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. The new Surface Pro and Surface Laptops will be available and can be pre-ordered on from June 18 with a special trade-in option until June 30.
• New updates within Microsoft Copilot, including upgrades to Cocreator in Paint by Designer, Windows Studio Effects and Live Captioning.
• The new AI-powered tool Microsoft Recall allows users to quickly find documents, images and more on their computer.
• More native Arm64 apps for Windows than ever including Chrome, Spotify, Zoom, Slack, Blender and Davinci Resolve.

New Surface Pro
The Microsoft Surface Pro is a tablet that can replace your laptop with better performance, longer battery life and striking AI capabilities in a very flexible design. For example, the all-new Surface Pro, powered by Snapdragon gates, and a striking one
13-inch screen with new optional OLED with HDR technology. Furthermore, Wi-Fi 7 offers the fastest wireless connection and optional 5G.
The ultra-wide quad-HD front camera is the best Surface camera yet. AI-powered Windows Studio effects like auto-framing keep you focused even as you move around your space. The 10 MP Ultra HD rear camera with autofocus supports 4K video, so you can capture and edit everything on one device.
Surface Pro is made with more recycled materials than Surface Pro 9, including 72% recycled material in the chassis. Surface Pro is designed to be easy to maintain with more replaceable components than ever, including the motherboard, battery, cameras and more.
The all-new Surface Pro Flex keyboard attached to your Pro is for the right laptop setup, or detached for more flexibility and to support your creative workflows. It is built with improved additional carbon fiber layers for stability and has a larger, customizable haptic touchpad. With integrated pen storage, your Slim Pen is safe, charged and ready to use.
The Surface Slim Pen gets even better with the new Surface Pro with new AI experiences. Ink now flows naturally with Zero Force ink, ultra-precise shadows, 4,096 pressure sensitivity points and a built-in haptic engine for a more natural writing experience.

Also a new Surface Laptop
This new laptop is the fastest and smartest Surface Laptop ever, redesigned from the inside out and has modern lines and a beautiful PixelSense touchscreen with razor-thin edges. With a refresh rate of 120 Hz, HDR technology, Dolby Vision IQ and adaptive color technology, this screen delivers sharper whites, darker blacks and an extensive color spectrum. There are two screen sizes: the new 13.8-inch screen offers a larger viewing area than a traditional 14-inch laptop in a more compact design and a 15-inch version with an even larger work canvas. This ultra-light and stylish laptop is available in four colors: Platinum, Black, Dune and Sapphire.
It is 86% faster than the Surface 5 and delivers great performance. It can power up to three external 4K monitors. The 45 TOPS NPU unlocks new AI experiences and delivers industry-leading performance for the right productivity with the longest battery life on any Surface device – up to 22 hours on the Surface Laptop 15″ and up to 20 hours on the Surface Laptop 13.8″. With a wide variety of ports and lightning-fast Wi-Fi 7, you’re always connected.
The new Surface Laptop has a Full HD Surface Studio camera that supports AI-powered Windows Studio effects like auto-framing, portrait blur, creative filters and voice focus to help you get the point across. AI-enhanced sound with premium Omnisonic speakers and Dolby Atmos Studio Mics amplify your voice and presence.

Recall function, live subtitles and Davinci Solve
Additionally, Copilot+ PCs have the most powerful Neural Processing Units (NPUs) in the PC category today. With more than 45 trillion operations per second (TOPS), these NPUs enable new AI experiences such as Recall and live captioning on a laptop and Davinci Solve. Additionally, other parties are also leveraging the power of the NPU for their own AI workloads. Below you will find a number of new features and applications.

1. Recall function on a laptop: Recall lets you find what you saw on your PC using the clues you remember. You can use natural language to search, or scroll back in time and get back to what you need to find through text and visual similarities. All stored locally, with built-in privacy and controls.
2. Rendering of Cocreator in Paint Cocreator in Paint lets you use your strokes and words to describe the image you want to create, making it easier to create, refine and develop your ideas in near real-time.
3. Live subtitles on a laptop: Live Captions, now with Live Translation, lets you convert audio into consistent English subtitles on your PC in real time.
4. Davinci Solve: Effortlessly apply visual effects to objects and people using NPU-accelerated Magic Mask in DaVinci Resolve Studio.
5. Cephable: Stay in your flow with faster, more responsive adaptive input controls like head movements or facial expressions in Cephable.
6. CapCut: Remove the background from a video clip in an instant using Auto Cutout running on the NPU in CapCut.

Price and availability
From June 18, the new Surface laptops will be available from 999 euros.

Microsoft CoPilot Surface Pro and Surface laptops