Mobile game PUBG: New State has a release date

Mobile game PUBG: New State has a release date

Battle royale game PUBG: New State will be released on Android and iOS on November 11. The game will be released in more than 200 countries at once. Before that, there will be a final beta test next week.

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The battle royale genre has been hugely popular among gamers for years. Along with Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most famous games in that genre. Although PUBG appeared earlier, Fortnite has overtaken the game in terms of player numbers. Fortnite had 350 million players last year, PUBG is now doing it with about 440,000 players in August this year. It once had 3.2 million players.

Reason to give the game a boost again and that’s what the maker hopes to do with New State. It is a completely new game that takes place in the universe of PUBG. An interesting change is also that the parent company Tencent is not involved, but it comes from Krafton. Krafton made the PC game, which Tencent eventually cast and released in a mobile version. Not everyone knows it, but this is the first time that the makers of PUBG themselves release a game on mobile devices.

PUBG: New State

Our colleagues from IGN Benelux writing: “PUBG: New State is being developed by PUBG Studio and is the successor to PUBG for iOS and Android. The new game aims to “evolve” the PUBG experience by adding in-game weapon customization, drones, the ability to roll into combat, and more. New State also features shattering windows, interactive objects, futuristic ballistic shields, and new environments to explore, including an abandoned shopping mall.”

New State takes place in the year 2051 and you travel through 8-by-8-box maps. You do that by getting into your futuristic buggy or bicycle and fighting the necessary battle.

Global Illumination rendering

The game uses the latest Global Illumination rendering technology, which greatly pushes the game’s mobile graphics. Nevertheless, the game would remain stable. The release trailer has already been released and can be seen above. PUBG: New State is out November 11 on Android and iOS and is free-to-play.

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