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Environmental protection has many facets. It is an important topic, especially in industry. State-of-the-art industrial plants can produce while being sustainable and protecting the environment. A few years ago that was still a contradiction in terms. A lot has happened, especially in the area of ​​dosing technology. These systems help to use the available resources in a targeted and extremely economical manner.

Environmental and climate protection are the new pillars of industrial quality

When you think of industry and industrial plants, you usually imagine large chimneys that blow huge amounts of harmful exhaust gases into the environment, exhaust gases that are also harmful to the climate. But in industry in particular there are many starting points for more Environmental and climate protection and the sustainable use of raw materials. Industrial dosing technology is a good example of this. With the help of modern technology, the companies help to use chemical substances such as adhesives, solvents and resins more sparingly. You do with the Dosing technology make a direct contribution to environmental protection and at the same time save costs because you optimize your use of raw materials.

Many chemicals in industry are hazardous to health and environmentally harmful substances. It is therefore important to use it very carefully and extremely sparingly. The companies optimize the use of materials with special dosing systems. At the same time, they minimize the risk to health and their need for chemical substances. In Germany there are companies that have specialized in precisely this: the manufacture of precise dosing systems. These systems also dose very small quantities, for example in a laboratory, precisely. They help not to waste valuable resources.

Dosing technology – exact and reliable

Dosing systems are used in most industrial companies in a wide variety of sectors. The focus is always on accuracy, reliability and sustainability. In the automotive industry, the dosing systems are used for headlights and windows, for example. Capacitors are used in the electrical industry. Even in the aerospace industry, high-precision and reliable dosing systems are essential.

Dosing systems for health

The savings in resources give companies a clear economic advantage. The environmental aspects are just as important. In addition, a modern dosing system protects health. The people who oversee dosing and filling are less exposed to health risks. Because when filling via an open funnel or similar device, the filling product – depending on what it is – can release gases and vapors. These gases and vapors can cause irritation, poisoning and burns if they come into contact with skin or mucous membranes. These vapors and gases were often the cause of long-term damage to health.

Modern dosing technology and its advantages

The demands on industrial processes and applied technology are constantly increasing in industry and many other areas. This trend also includes dosing systems and pumps. As a result, modern dosing technology has developed significantly. Today there are highly complex systems with individual measurement technology, individual control options and high standards in companies. They are developed, built and adapted precisely to the needs of the respective customer. This increases the flexibility when using the technology in industry and maximizes the benefits. This increases efficiency and profitability.

Process control for an economical process

Modern dosing systems have systems for permanent measurement of data. This makes it easier to monitor the processes. Because the data obtained during the measurements serve as the basis for analyzes and statistics, with the help of which the systems can be readjusted. Measurement methods for controlling the processes are a decisive factor so that the processes run smoothly and economically. In some cases it is even possible to equip older systems with modern sensors and measuring systems and thus contribute to process optimization. The modern dosing systems are already equipped with appropriate devices. You monitor processes independently and ensure economical operation from commissioning, even if the environment is very complex and specific.

Krostitzer brewery - bottling
One of the many areas of application for modern dosing systems is in filling systems in the beverage industry. (Image: ChristianBier, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The areas of application of modern dosing technology

This modern technology is used in many industrial sectors. It is an essential component so that everything runs smoothly and the processes are controllable. The food industry is one of the areas of application. Precision is very important, especially in beverage production. It is essential that the individual components of the products can be individually controlled in the manufacturing process. In addition, modern metering pumps and systems can reliably handle the complex Hygiene regulations in the food industry fulfill. The technology is also used, for example, for bottling beverages in large breweries.

In the field of water and wastewater technology, too, it is important to work economically. Today, this can only be achieved with the most modern technology and a sophisticated circular economy. This applies not only to industrial facilities, but also to municipal ones.

Dosing technology is also used to generate energy in biogas plants or when transferring chemical components in chemical plants, in the pharmaceutical industry, in metal processing industries or in shipbuilding. The modern systems are also useful in measurement and sensor technology, electrical and hybrid technology.

Dosing technology has a wide range of possible uses. This shows how important this technology is for the industry. As a result, manufacturers continue to develop modern systems and constantly expand their functionality with the help of technical innovations.

October 19, 2020

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