Mundane Essence; Stylish and durable

Sustainability is HOT. We all try to do our part to prevent climate change, but don’t want to compromise on style and convenience. And that is not necessary at all, because with the Mondaine Essence you have the best of Swiss design and manufacture and a sustainable watch that you would like to be seen with!

Durable classic Swiss Railways clock

The iconic Mondaine watch is based on the design of the Swiss station clock. A very recognizable and timeless design that only seems to gain strength over the years. In other words, a very sustainable design.

The good news is that there is now also an almost 100% sustainable Mondaine watch! The same design, but made from biodegradable and recycled materials. The Essence. The best of both worlds. What else do you want?

Picture of swiss railways clock
▴ Swiss station clock

Image Mondaine Essence watch

70% degradable and recycled materials

All parts of the watch have been thought through. 70% of the materials used to make the Essence are of natural origin or made from recycled material.

Bio-plastic made from the ‘miracle tree’

The recyclable plastic case of the Essence watch is made from Castor oil. This oil is made from the seeds of the Ricinus tree, which is also called the Wonder (oil) tree. The plastic is also very lightweight, which is very pleasant to wear.

Picture of wonder tree seeds
▴ Seeds of the Wonderboom

Image of person using packaging as phone cover
▴ Packaging = phone case

Tires made of natural rubber and cork

The straps of the essence watches are also made of sustainable materials. The rubber tires contain 38% natural rubber. Other belts are made of cork with a fleece – made from recycled PET bottles – top layer. You may not expect it, but cork is a water-resistant material and – I can say from experience – feels really comfortable on your skin. And, you don’t even have to choose, because you can buy a set where you get an extra strap that you can easily change with the ‘easy click’ system…

Packaging from recycled PET bottles

Even the stylish packaging of the Essence watches is sustainable. And even more fun: if you have the watch on your wrist, you can use the packaging as a cover for your phone!

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