New at Luxury women’s watches from Balmain

Graceful and chic like Haute Couture; That’s the best way to describe Balmain watches. Real luxury for ladies who love quality and timeless elegance. Now available at Techzle.

The influence of Pierre Balmain

The Balmain fashion house was founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain. His style was daring for the austere post-war era with a super feminine silhouette and richly embroidered luxurious fabrics. This quickly made the Parisian fashion house a favorite of both European and Hollywood royalty.

Pierre Balmain’s signature design element was an elegant Arabesque pattern that was reflected in embroidery and weaves. It is precisely this pattern that we see a lot in Balmain watches, as a decoration of the complete dial or as a subtle fragment.

Balmain dress with Arabesque pattern
▴ Dress with Arabesque pattern embroidery by Pierre Balmain

Balmain Tradition B4932.39.12 watch
▴ Balmain Tradition B4932.39.12 watch

Luxury materials

The watch brand Balmain has been around since 1987 and has since been producing luxury women’s and men’s watches in the spirit of Maître Pierre. The basis of the watches is formed by secure Swiss movements. The appearance is classic and elegant and exudes luxury through the use of high-end materials and techniques such as classic engravings and real diamonds.

Balmain de Balmain B4911.33.65
▴ Balmain de Balmain B4911.33.65 with mother of pearl and diamonds

Balmainia B5632.39.82
▴ Balmainia B5632.39.82 with engraved side

Most watches also have the Balmain logo engraved on the side.

Perfect finish down to the last detail

But the real sophistication of the Balmain watches lies in the perfect finish and details. The hands, for example, are so tightly cut and polished that the light always falls on them at an angle and you get a clear contrast between light and dark.

Engravings and matt-gloss polishing of the case and strap add subtle details that further enhance the luxury element of the watches.

B4571.33.62 Tillia
▴ B4571.33.62 Tillia

B4430.33.82 Laelia
▴ B4430.33.82 Laelia

Available soon: even more Balmain women’s watches

We also expect many beautiful women’s watches in Balmain’s new collection for the summer of 2022; Art Deco inspired Eirini watches, Oval Haute Elegance watches with small seconds hand and the Balmain classic Haute Elegance Traditional. A super thin, stylish women’s watch available in different colors.

B4388.33.26-60 Eirini
▴ B4388.33.26-60 Eirini

B8133.92.12 Haute Elegance Traditional
▴ B8133.92.12 Haute Elegance Traditional

B8111.33.15 Haute Elegance Oval
▴ B8111.33.15 Haute Elegance Oval

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