New emojis for your iPhone with iOS 15.4: These are our favorites

Apple has again done its best to bake something from the new emojis. If you install iOS 15.4, which is now available, on your iPhone, you can see and use it too. These are at least our three favorite smileys!

37 new emojis with iOS 15.4 on your iPhone

You can already choose from more than a thousand emojis on your iPhone. Still, some new ones are added from time to time. With the iOS 15.4 software update, Apple has released a whole host of possible new popular smileys. We talked earlier about the pregnant man, who most likely as food baby will be used. We were also already a fan of the sensual lips, which can only be sent flirtatiously (right?)

However, there are many others. Read in this article which have all been added and which three emojis we like the most! We also give you some tips on how to use them all.

New emojis for your iPhone with iOS 15.4: These are our favorites

Emoji 1: The dotted line face

dotted face-emoji

This one might be a bit different, but that’s why it’s multi-interpretable. And we know with emojis: they are never used for their intended purpose. The dotted line face is an excellent example of this. We were thinking about ‘effacing yourself’ when someone says something uncomfortable in the group app.

It can also represent another type of shame; it can also be interpreted as an emoji to make yourself invisible after doing something stupid. Finally, you can also use these if you feel empty (or context-less). At least you don’t want to lose face. This versatility ensures that we think it will be used anyway.

Emoji 2: The Melting Smiley

melt emoji

Another one in the same category as the first. The melting emoji can be used in many situations. For example, think of a very good holiday plan that your friend sends. You completely agree with this; you just need to send a melting face. This emoji is also very useful in the summer. If you’re literally melting in your hot attic, at least you don’t have to waste so much energy typing; sending this liquid face is enough.

However, we think it will be used in a completely different context. The most creative uses of emojis often happen in a flirtatious context. This one can be used very well if your partner sends sweet nothings. How are you going to use it?

emojis series 2022

Emoji 3: the finger gesture we missed

finger snap

This one might be a little less versatile than the top two, but we’re surprised it hadn’t been added to the arsenal of emojis before. It is quite strange that the Dutch have not yet requested this emoji. With the introduction of payment requests, and the non-payment of these ‘Tikkies’, this emoji is a subtle way to ask that one friend to pay for that drink from a week ago.

But did you know that elsewhere in the world this has nothing to do with money? In Korea it means a heart. The pop stars (and their fans) have been using this gesture for years. So don’t be surprised if you see this under an Instagram post of your favorite K-pop star.

Which new emoji for iPhone is your favorite? Check out our article for even more examples of smileys available now! Do you have any other meaning of these favorites we missed? Let us know. In any case, we are curious about what meaning these emojis will have in a year’s time!

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