New feature WhatsApp (Web): this is how you hide that you are online

WhatsApp has launched yet another new feature! From now on you can hide in WhatsApp that you are online. We tell you how.

WhatsApp is working on a series of new features

WhatsApp has announced and tested quite a few new features over the past few weeks. For example, it will soon be possible to give a group a kind of expiration date and you will soon be able to easily create stickers for WhatsApp on your iPhone. However, these functions have still not been launched, when that will happen remains to be seen.

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WhatsApp has now introduced a new setting that allows you to hide that you are online on WhatsApp. That is of course super handy, because it is possible to send (and read back) messages undisturbed, without everyone immediately seeing that you are online.

And there’s more good news: the feature is also available for WhatsApp Web. So it is no longer a problem to leave your WhatsApp Web open on your Mac, because no one can see that you are online. Now it sometimes says (sometimes even incorrectly) that you are online when you leave WhatsApp Web on in the background. With this new feature, that is finally a thing of the past.

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Hide Being Online on WhatsApp (Web)

Don’t want others to see that you are online on WhatsApp? The new setting is easy to change in the latest version of WhatsApp, which is version 23.5.77. To hide when you are online on WhatsApp, you need to adjust the following settings:

  1. Open ‘WhatsApp’ and go to ‘Settings’;

  2. Choose ‘Privacy’;

  3. Tap on ‘Last seen and online’;

  4. Under ‘Last seen’, make sure ‘Nobody’ is checked;

  5. Go to ‘Who can see I’m online’ and choose ‘Same as Last seen’.

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So if you want to hide when you are online on WhatsApp, you also have to hide your last seen from everyone. Can your contacts see that you are online? Then set ‘My contacts’ under ‘Who can see my last seen notifications’. This way your contacts can see when you are online and when you were last online. You can also make a selection of your contacts.

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If you disable other users from seeing your last seen and online status on WhatsApp, you will no longer be able to see this from others. Be careful: other WhatsApp users can see it when you are typing. So you still reveal that you are online on WhatsApp.

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With the new function it is finally possible to use the app unnoticed. Are you curious about more tips for WhatsApp? Earlier we explained how to edit already sent messages on WhatsApp and which new feature makes video calling on WhatsApp much better.

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