NEW – Iconic Swatch watches made from natural materials

Innovation has always been the driving force that has determined the personality of watch brand Swatch. And now Swatch is taking the next step; a collection of watches whose case and strap are made of completely natural materials; Bio Reloaded.

There are already several brands that market watches made from natural or recycled materials, but Swatch is the very first brand that has succeeded in replacing all plastic parts with parts made from materials of biological origin in a series production environment.

Always innovative and original

In 1983, Swatch turned the Swiss watch industry upside down with the launch of 12 colorful, affordable plastic watches made from just 51 individual parts. Yet these apparently simple watches were of high quality. In the years that followed, Swatch became one of the most popular watches in the world. The colorful and original timepieces and packaging are still incredibly popular among watch enthusiasts and collectors.

Photo Swatch GN100
▴ The GN100 from 1983

Photo Swatch SO28N101
▴ The SO28N101 from 2020

Swatch original classics bio-reloaded

Harking back to its own early days, Swatch presents the ‘1983’ collection. Six new models as reinterpretations of the very first Swatch watches. The design – including the typography – of these 1983 watches is very close to the original design, but the materials used are completely 2020.

These watches are largely – except of course the battery and other electronic parts – made of biological plastic extracted from oil from the seeds of the Castor tree. This tree is also known as the ‘Wonder Oil Tree’. All parts naturally meet the high quality requirements that Swatch sets for its products, because these are Swatch original classics bio-reloaded.

Photo Seeds of the castor oil tree
▴ Seeds of the castor oil tree

Photo Swatch 1983 Bio-reloaded watches
▴ 1983 Bio-reloaded

Sistem51: fully automated produced automatic watch

In 2013, Swatch presented the Sistem51. The first mechanical watch whose assembly is fully automated – a true sensation in the watch industry. Just like the original Swatch watch, the Sistem51 is made of just 51 parts that are held together by a single screw.

The new Swatch Sistem51 models are also Bio-Reloaded; Made almost entirely from natural materials. A real technical tour de force.

If you really want a completely eco-friendly watch, then an automatic watch is the best choice. Because, like any automatic watch, Sistem51 does not require a battery: it is powered by the movements of the person wearing it. Each movement sets a rotor in motion, winding the watch’s spring. Even if the watch is taken off and not worn for a while, it will continue to run for up to 90 hours!

Photo Swatch 1983 Bio-Reloaded watches
▴ 1983 Bio Reloaded

Photo Swatch Sistem51 Bio-Reloaded
▴ Sistem51 Bio Reloaded

The new Swatch packaging is also completely biodegradable

The packaging of these new Swatch watches also matches the brand’s environmental ambitions. This is made of paper foam. This is a material consisting of an innovative mix of potato and tapioca starch. This makes this packaging, which is produced using an injection molding process, completely biodegradable and can be recycled with paper waste or even composted at home.

Photo Swatch Sistem51 Bio-Reloaded
▴ Sistem51 Bio reloaded

Photo Biodegradable packaging from Swatch Sistem51
▴ Biodegradable packaging from Sistem51

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