New Mac gets M3 chip (but you still have to wait a while)

Want a new Mac with an M3 chip? Then you have to wait a while. But how long exactly? You can read that here!

Mac with M3 is coming

At the moment, the M2 chip in the MacBook Pro 2023 is the fastest processor Apple has in a laptop. Only the Mac Pro and Mac Studio go a little over that. Apple is of course sitting still and is currently working hard on the even faster successor, the M3 chip.

m3 chip

Usually reliable Mark Gurman said in his most recent newsletter that Apple plans to launch the new M3 chip in October. The iPhone 15 launch is in September, so Apple apparently plans to release a few more products in October. That’s probably a bunch of new Macs, like a new iMac, a 13-inch MacBook Air, and a MacBook Pro — all with the new M3 chip.

It may be a short time before the M3 Macs are already on their way. The Mac Studio with M2 Ultra only appeared last month. Apple also only launched the MacBook Air 2023, with a 15-inch screen, last month.

You can probably expect a new version of the regular MacBook Air with M3 in October. You will have to wait a little longer for a MacBook Pro or Mac Studio with M3.

mac studio 2023

Gurman does not say whether Apple is actually planning an event for the Macs with an M3 chip. Apple can also choose to release them only through a press release. But for Macs with a completely new chip, we expect a new event to come.

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