‘New MacBook Air coming in April’ (and it’s getting bigger)

A new MacBook Air is rumored to arrive as early as April. In addition to the usual dimensions, a larger version of the laptop is now also planned.

New MacBook Air coming in April

You probably won’t have to wait very long for the new MacBook Air 2023. According to Ross Young (display expert), Apple started production of the screens for the MacBook Air this month. Young shared this information in a Twitter post for subscribers to his account only.

‘New MacBook Air coming in April’ (and it’s getting bigger)

It is striking that Apple now also makes 15-inch screens. This would mean that the new MacBook Air 2023 will be the largest MacBook Air ever. Fans of the standard 13-inch model need not fear, the regular model will probably remain available as well.

MacBook Air 2023: M2 or M3 chip

Ross Young gave no other details about the new model. So it is not yet certain whether the MacBook Air 2023 has an M2 chip or whether it may contain a brand new M3 chip. Apple’s chipmakers already started mass production of the new chips in December. But it is not yet certain whether they will be ready in April.

MacBook Air

Buy MacBook Air

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