NEW: Monitor your pregnancy with your Garmin smartwatch

Of all the smartwatches that Techzle sells, Garmin has the most functionalities specifically for women. The brand was already at the forefront with the function for monitoring your menstrual cycle and has now made a unique update with technology specifically for pregnant women to monitor their own health and that of the baby.

Through the Garmin Connect™ app and your Garmin smartwatch, you can record symptoms related to your pregnancy, track baby’s movements, set customizable reminders, receive exercise and nutrition tips and much more.

Garmin Fenix ​​smartwatch with smartphone

pregnant woman with Garmin smartwatch

What can you do with this new pregnancy function?

When you are pregnant, everything changes in and about your body. You also often have many questions: “Can I still exercise?” “Am I eating and drinking enough?”, etc. The Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ™ app from Garmin can help with this.

  • Enter the due date and track the progress of the pregnancy.
  • Learn how your fitness and performance fluctuates during pregnancy, adjust heart rate alerts, check if you’re drinking enough and pause your training status if necessary.
  • Receive nutrition tips, for example weekly weight gain recommendations.
  • Set your own reminders to drink water, do pelvic floor exercises, etc.
  • Manually track more than 30 symptoms, three types of baby movements, blood glucose levels and more. A summary of this data is available for easy sharing during check-ups by your doctor or midwife.
  • Use the Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ™ app to store and store the information easily and discreetly.
  • With the Contraction Timer Connect IQ app, mothers and their partners can track the duration and frequency of contractions.

Photo pregnant woman in fitness center

Photo Garmin Pregnancy tracking app

Why is Garmin so good at making smartwatches?

Ten years ago, if you said you had a Garmin, you didn’t mean a smartwatch, but the navigation system in your car. Because that is the origin of the Garmin company. Garmin was one of the first companies in the world to produce navigation equipment based on GPS. Not only the well-known cabinets for the car, but especially equipment for professionals such as in the maritime industry.

Garmin was also one of the first companies to develop (water-resistant) handheld devices. A direct precursor to what we now refer to as wearables. All this experience and continuous innovation come together in our extensive collection of Garmin smartwatches with specialist functions for fitness, water sports and outdoor recreation.

Which Garmin smartwatch gives you access to the Pregnancy Tracking Connect IQ™ app?

Pregnancy monitoring can be activated in the Garmin Connect app on a compatible smartphone in the menstrual cycle feature, so you can easily transition from cycle tracking to pregnancy tracking.

The feature is available for many of Garmin’s best-selling wearables, including the Venu®, vívoactive® and fēnix® through the Connect IQ store. Pregnancy monitoring is also available on the vívomove® series via the Women’s Health Tracking widget.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! And keep moving with the help of your Garmin smartwatch.

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