New: Skagen Aaren Naturals

The Aaren watches are an old acquaintance from the Skagen collection. With an eye to the future, the line has been given a sustainable makeover and is now a lot more environmentally friendly. Fortunately you don’t notice this; The watches are just as beautiful and are very comfortable to wear due to their light weight and the soft straps made of (fruit) leather or cork.

The use of natural materials gives the watches a calm appearance and the matching color scheme fits in perfectly with this season’s trend colors. So every reason to choose an Aaren Naturals watch. They are available in two sizes: 36mm and 40mm.

One, two, three, four, dial made of… paper

Paper is a material of natural origin that can be easily recycled. Additional advantages are that it is very lightweight and has a nice matte appearance.




Cork: a beautiful and surprisingly strong material

Perhaps you have ever seen the enormous plantations with gnarled trees on holiday in Portugal? Cork is extracted from bark tissue of these cork oaks, which then grows again. After harvest, the bark is formed into slabs, boiled and flattened.

In the Aaren line we find two watches with a dial made of cork. One watch even has a strap made of cork, which feels wonderfully soft. Despite the crumbly appearance of cork, it is a surprisingly strong material, water-repellent and – just like leather – it discolors over time, making it even more beautiful.


Two Skagen naturals watches with cork dial


Alternative to leather: fruit!

Until a few years ago, you had little choice of alternatives to leather. There was only plastic or textile. But in recent years there has been a completely new development that is increasingly being used in shoes and accessories: Fruit leather. Not to be confused with the sweets made from pureed and dried fruit.

Fruit leather is made from the fibers of fruits such as mango, apple or mulberry, and has the same properties and appearance as leather made from animal skin.


SKW6730 with cotton strap
▴ SKW6730 with cotton strap


On the way to 100% sustainable

Designing sustainable watches starts with the choice of materials and production processes. Skagen has drawn up Pro-Planet standards for this and is increasingly trying to incorporate more sustainable materials into every product. 100% sustainable is not yet possible, but the goal is for all Skagen products to meet the Pro-Planet criteria by 2025.

For example, the watch case is currently made of 85% recycled stainless steel and the inside of the watch straps is still made of a thin layer of nubuck leather.

In any case, no concessions are made to quality; The Aaren Naturals watches are just as strong and beautiful as ‘normal’ Skagen watches.

Skagen Aaren Naturals watches

Skagen Aaren Naturals watches

More Skagen watches at Techzle

In addition to the Skagen Aaren Naturals, you will find a wide selection of Skagen design watches for women and men at Techzle. The Hybrid HR smartwatches from Skagen are of course also available from us.

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