Notable automatic watches from Citizen Series 8

Most people know Citizen mainly for the Eco-Drive solar watches. But did you know that Citizen also produces quality automatic watches? With the Series 8 automatics, Citizen has presented a series of beautiful, modern watches with eternal value.

Citizen first launched the Series 8 on the Japanese market in 2008. The 8 represents the year of introduction and the never-ending bond between the watch and the wearer. The number 8 on its side is the symbol for infinity (∞). After all, an automatic watch will last a lifetime if you maintain it properly. Now the Series 8 watches are available worldwide.

Modern design, thin movement and anti-magnetic

The Series 8 watches have a contemporary case design with clean, straight lines and an uncluttered layout. The combination of the angular, sober style and the matte hairline finish of the case and strap creates a modern, sporty look.

The movements used in the Series 8 watches – Cal. 0950 and Cal. 9051 – are newly developed in 2021. The movement is only 4.1 mm thick, which allows for a thinner case and a comfortable fit.

▴ Design with clean lines and matte hairline finish

▴ Thinner case with comfortable fit

In addition to these new timepieces, the watches also have a high magnetic resistance, which is essential in our modern digital society. It provides protection against magnetic fields generated by smartphones, tablets and other devices that can negatively affect the accuracy of the timepiece.

The magnetic resistance of these new models ensures that any magnetic fields they encounter have a negligible impact on performance, even when placed 1cm from a device generating such a field.

The standard model Series 8

The standard model Series 8 (NB6010-81E) watch has a simple dial in 1 color. The hands taper towards the outer edge of the dial and the detailed index markings provide a dynamic appearance. Visibility is guaranteed by the scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire glass.

The watch is powered by a Cal.9051 automatic movement with a power reserve of 42 hours.



Three-layer dial with mother of pearl and metal

The dial of the (NA1010-84X and NA1015-81Z) watches has three layers – a metal dial at the bottom, a mother of pearl layer in the middle and a metal grid with index marks at the top. The lattice creates a delicate pattern, under which a rainbow-like sparkle adds a new layer and depth to the watch. Understated with a luxurious and exciting extra dimension.

The Cal. 0950 movement has a maximum running time of 50 hours and an accuracy of -5 to +10 seconds per day.




All Series 8 watches have an octagonal steel case measuring 40 mm, are 10-11 mm thick, 10 ATM waterproof and have scratch-resistant sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating.

In 2022, the series 8 will be expanded with new color variants.

More Citizen watches at Techzle

In addition to these beautiful new automatic watches, Techzle naturally has a very extensive collection of Eco-Drive watches from Citizen. Or take a look at the lightweight Super Titanium watches with a choice of solar and automatic movements. Citizen also offers a wide range for women, such as the sustainably produced Citizen L line. View and order online, or visit one of our stores to experience the watches in person.

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