Nothing Phone (1) plagued by dead pixels and green haze

Nothing Phone (1) plagued by dead pixels and green haze

Several new owners of the Nothing Phone (1) are complaining on social media about screen problems. The most common are dead pixels, often around the notch for the selfie camera, and a green haze on the panel.

Nothing screen issues

With every new phone that appears on the market, there are always delivered devices that show problems. This can range from all kinds of errors with the hardware to bugs in the software. The latter type can usually be solved with an update, but many owners of the Nothing Phone (1) complain on Twitter about screen problems with the phone.

For example, there is this Twitter user who received a phone showing a green haze on the screen. He got hold of a replacement device through Nothing-support, only to experience the same problem. Users on reddit notice the same green haze and there is no other solution than to contact the support service. Although some users report that contact with that service was rather difficult. The smartphone maker already has the problems on Twitter recognized.

In addition to the green tint issues on the AMOLED panel, users are also talking about a series of dead pixels. Including the news site beebom noted it in its review copy and it occurred with this user as well. In both cases, the defect was visible around the screen notch.

Have you experienced any problems?

The review copy that Androidworld has received shows no problems around the screen. It is also not known how widely the errors have been spread, but CEO Carl Pei’s company is expected to replace all affected phones. Have you experienced problems with your Nothing Phone (1)? What are your first impressions of the striking phones with its LEDs on the back? Let us know in the comments.

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