November’s 5 Best iOS Games: Mosaic, Monomals, and More

We dive into the huge range of new games in the App Store and pick out the gems. These are the best iOS games of November 2019.

Best iOS Games November 2019

1. Game of the Month: Mosaic (Apple Arcade)

The great thing about Apple Arcade is that you play games that you might not pick up on otherwise. Such as Mosaic, a sometimes excruciatingly slow game about a boring man with a meaningless existence. Do you have an Apple Arcade subscription? Then we can still recommend this game.

Once this man brushes his teeth and spits out a goldfish, everything changes. As a player you never know what to expect. One minute you’re typing messages on your phone, the next you’re solving a puzzle game, then you’re following a beautiful butterfly that gives the desolate world a little bit of hope.

Mosaic is a unique game that we really enjoyed. Yes, it is very slow. However, if you go along with it, the surprises pile up. The game is also so beautifully made that almost any scene would make a good wallpaper.

2. Monomals (Apple Arcade)

Monomals is the first game from Dutch makers on Apple Arcade. That is not without reason, because the quality is impressive. Monomals consists of two parts. First of all, you dive into the sea with a microphone to find Monomals.

Then you use these critters to make music. Each Monomal has its own tone, so you can make more complex music with more creatures. You can of course share these tunes online afterwards.

3. Doors: Awakening

Doors: Awakening is a fun puzzle game in which you completely unravel a relatively small structure to find the solution. You have to pick up small parts, pull strings and try other things. What’s especially cool is that the game can also be played via augmented reality. With that you place the level in your own living room.

4. The Wanderer

We all know the story of Frankenstein, a doctor who brings a monster to life. This game is about that monster. Released into the world, he sets out in search of who he is. This results in a somewhat floaty, but also very beautiful game. Partly because of the style and the music. You’ve never experienced Frankenstein’s monster like this.

5. Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Real football fans should pay attention, because you can get back into the role of manager with the new version of Football Manager.

Which club and which players do you choose? And what tactics do you use to step off the field as the winner? With this year, among other things, more emphasis on the media, and you’re closer to the action than ever.

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