November’s Monthly Theme on iPhoned: Saving Money

Especially in this time it is nice if you have some extra money every week. That’s why the theme of iPhoned this month: save money!

November’s Monthly Theme: Saving Money

On iPhoned, we regularly highlight a specific theme with the Monthly Theme series. In the past we’ve had topics about Photography, Health, Living and much more.

This time the theme of the month is: Saving Money. Especially in this time when everything has become a lot more expensive, it is nice if you can save money in different ways.

euro coins

But how do you do that? No worries! because iPhoned helps you with that. This month we will give you tips on how to reduce your energy bill and how you can also save on your heating costs. We also tell you how you can earn extra pocket money by selling your old iPad or iPhone and we show you where you can score a set of AirPods or perhaps a MacBook cheaper.

Of course, the various apps that help to reduce weekly expenses should also not be missing. They also get a place in our Money Saving theme!

energy consumption manager

Don’t forget that Black Friday is also coming this month. You can also save quite a bit of money there on a new purchase. iPhoned will search for the best deals for you.

So you see, there are plenty of options to save some extra! Keep checking the iPhoned website or our app this month!

Is there a theme that you think receives too little attention, or do you want us to extensively highlight and look at a specific function of the iPhone? Then let us know via our contact form.

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