Once again two special anniversary editions from Seiko

You can hardly have missed it: Seiko is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year and is celebrating this with special anniversary editions of existing watch models. The latest – limited – edition takes inspiration from the Tokyo district where it all started for Seiko: Ginza. A model from the Prospex collection and a model from the Presage collection, which incorporates both the modern and classic face of Ginza.

Inspiration Ginza style: history and progress

The Ginza district was the location where Seiko founder Kintaro Hattori opened a shop for the sale and repair of clocks and watches in 1881. Even today, Seiko is still present in Ginza, the luxury shopping district of Tokyo; With a flagship store, several Seiko stores, the Seiko museum and Seiko Dream Square, a place where the public can experience the rich heritage of Seiko.

Ginza is incorporated into the watches in three ways: The dial pattern is based on the traditional vowels with which the streets in Ginza are paved. The second hand has the color Komparu blue. And the soft gray-green teal color evokes the feeling of the contemporary buildings in Ginza today.

The combination of history and progress: there really is no better metaphor for Seiko.

Seiko clock in Ginza
▴ Wako tower in Ginza with Seiko clock

Seiko Dream Square
▴ The hall of the Dream Square museum is set up like the interior of the Wako clock

Seiko Prospex 1959 Alpinist Reinterpretation: SPB259

The Ginza Prospex Anniversary Limited Edition is based on the modern reinterpretation of the 1959 Alpinist watch that was introduced earlier this year.

The dial features two different patterns that capture the texture and feel of the Ginza cobblestones. This gives the watch a three-dimensional appearance.

The color of the second hand is a tribute to Komparu street. This soft blue-green color has been used in designs since the Meiji era (1868 – 1912) and was loved by the many geishas who lived there. As the influencers of their time, the geishas made the color popular with the general public.



The 38mm automatic watch is powered by a caliber 6R35 movement, with a power reserve of 70 hours. The domed sapphire glass is resistant to scratches and the watch is water resistant up to 20 bar.

The Seiko Prospex SPB259 is released in a limited edition of 3,500 copies worldwide.

Seiko Presage: SSA445

The Presage Ginza anniversary watch, like the Prospex, has the Ginza cobblestone-inspired dial pattern and the second hand in Komparu color.

This model also has a retro 60’s style design, inspired by the Seiko Crown Chronograph from 1964. Characteristic elements are the box-shaped glass, the sleek hands and the sporty bezel with Arabic numerals.

The open heart dial provides a glimpse into the delicate precision work of the escapement (the wheel that makes the watch tick); In addition, the 24-hour sub-dial shows at a glance what part of the day the wearer is in.



This Presage watch with automatic 4R39 movement with 41 hours of power reserve is released in a limited edition of 4,000 copies worldwide and – like the Prospex – is only available in Seiko Boutiques and at selected retailers such as Techzle.

More exclusive Seiko watches at Techzle

In addition to the exclusive Seiko anniversary collection, you can visit Techzle for more special Prospex and Presage watches. But you will also find an extensive collection of Seiko 5 Sport and modern Seiko women’s and men’s watches in all price ranges. You can of course order all watches online or view them in one of our stores. If you order the watch in advance and indicate that you will pick it up, we will have it ready for you. Without purchase obligation.

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