Opinion iPhoned: iPhone 15 will not be more expensive, but cheaper!

According to rumors, the iPhone 15 will be more expensive, but we think that it may not be too bad and prices will not rise.

iPhone 15 no more expensive, maybe even cheaper

Lately we have seen more and more rumors about the price of the iPhone 15. According to several reports, the next iPhone would be a lot more expensive again. But these rumors seem to focus mainly on the US market.

iPhone 15 Pro titanium

Analysts believe that the new iPhone 15 Pro models in America could even be about $ 100 to $ 200 more expensive. They cite rising material prices and ongoing problems at suppliers as the reason. That means for US prices that the iPhone 15 Pro will rise from 999 to 1099. The iPhone 15 Pro Max then costs $ 1299. FYI: the prices of American iPhones had not increased with the iPhone 14.

No price increase for Europe?

In our opinion, it can sometimes be better than expected for European countries and the iPhone 15 does not necessarily have to become more expensive. Even better, maybe the prices can be secretly lowered a bit.

When the iPhone 14 appeared last year, the dollar was very strong. During the low point in September, you received about 0.95 euros for one dollar. At that time, a dollar was already worth more than a euro, because the euro had been ailing for some time. Added to this was the rising cost of materials. In the end, about 150 euros were added to the price in Europe.

The euro is now slightly better. At the moment you get about 0.93 euros for a dollar. It doesn’t sound much less, but at an amount of about 1400 euros that is still a small 30 euros ‘cheaper’ compared to last year’s price. A price increase would therefore certainly not have to be included with the iPhone 15.

In addition, Apple has long wanted to increase the differences between the regular models and the Pro models. The iPhone 14 Plus does not sell nearly as well as Apple wants, so there would be a good opportunity to price the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus more reasonably.

Of course, Apple also remains a company that wants to make as much profit as possible. Whether this depreciation of the dollar will ultimately be passed on to us remains to be seen. But the iPhone 15 does not necessarily have to become more expensive this year.

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