Optic ID: this is how Apple’s latest security solution works

Apple has introduced a completely new security approach to the Vision Pro, because the headset is locked with Optic ID. That is how it works!

Optic ID with the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro has been available in American stores since Friday, February 2. Apple’s first spatial computer is incredibly advanced and runs on the new visionOS. This new OS version was specially developed for the headset and features modified versions of apps such as FaceTime and Photos. In addition, Apple has come up with a completely new security method for the Vision Pro, because you unlock the spatial computer with Optic ID.

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The new security way works with your eyes. The Apple Vision Pro recognizes your iris, so the glasses automatically unlock as soon as you wear them. So you don’t have to set a password, but you can. In addition to Optic ID, the Vision Pro also has the option to set a PIN code or other password. We explain to you how Apple’s new security layer works.

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This is how Optic ID works

With Optic ID, the Vision Pro scans your iris, the colorful part of your eye. The Vision Pro uses infrared light to take multiple photos of the patterns on your iris. These images are then compared to the iris set in Optic ID. When there are enough similarities between the images, the spatial computer is unlocked. The biometric data of your eyes is encrypted and is not stored in, for example, iCloud or another place.

This way you can be sure that the data is safe. Are you unable to unlock the Vision Pro via Optic ID? After five failed attempts, you will be required to enter the headset PIN. You must also enter this PIN code if you have just (re)started the spatial computer and if the Vision Pro has not been unlocked for more than 48 hours. For security, the glasses ask for your PIN code every six days.

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Security adjusts automatically

Optic ID has been developed in such a way that it automatically processes changes in your iris. It may happen that your eye color (light) changes, but that is not a problem for Optic ID. According to Apple, the chance that someone else can unlock your Vision Pro with Optic ID is less than one in a million. With Face ID the chance is about the same, making it an extremely good security layer.

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It is not expected that this will mean the end of Face ID or Touch ID. Face ID in particular will not be replaced, this has to do with the technology behind Optic ID. The Vision Pro has cameras on the inside that can take up-close photos of your iris. With the iPhone this distance is much greater, so we also see Face ID with the iPhone 16. Are you curious about what will change with the iPhone 16? Then read all about the next iPhone here!

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