Overview: The 6 best calendar apps for school and study

A diary is indispensable if you are at school or studying. With these calendar apps for iOS you’ll always be aware of your homework, tests and more.

Best calendar apps for school

You have a lot to keep track of at school or while studying. When you have lessons, deadlines for your assignments and on which days you have to take tests. An agenda is therefore indispensable, but paper agendas are actually outdated. Calendar apps are much more flexible, always at hand, and can alert you to important events. iPhoned therefore lists the best apps for you.

1. Best Choice: Google Calendar

Google’s free Calendar app is the best option in our opinion. The app makes a clear distinction between appointments, reminders and goals. This way you can immediately see the difference between, for example, an appointment for a lecture, a reminder for homework and a goal for making a paper.

The app also gives you a lot of options to add locations, get notifications, post notes, use attachments and so on. It is useful that Google Calendar lists very clearly which appointments you have in the coming period, without empty spaces in between. That way you know exactly where you stand.

The handy thing about Google Calendar is that you can also view the appointments via the web via any computer. As a result, you are not dependent on your iPhone. Your appointments can also be synchronized with Apple software. This is how you connect Google Calendar with Apple’s Calendar app on iPhone and Mac.

2. Already on your iPhone: Apple Calendar

Apple’s Calendar app already comes pre-installed on your iPhone. It is nice that you can create a separate school agenda in this app. Tap on ‘Calendars’ at the bottom of the screen and then on ‘New calendar’. If you put all your school tasks in there, it’s easy to turn off your school diary when it’s vacation. Or you can mute all other agendas, so that you only see what still needs to be done before school.

3. Especially for homework: Pensum

If you are looking for an app that is specially made for homework, Pensum is the place to be. Pensum lets you add courses, after which you place homework in the app. You give your homework a deadline, after which the app reminds you with messages. Pensum isn’t the prettiest app on the list, nor is it optimized for new iPhones. Still, this focus on homework is very pleasant.

4. Versatile: Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2 is a versatile calendar app that allows you to quickly and easily record appointments and then present them in an organized manner. For example, you type that you have class tomorrow and have to hand in a paper in a week, after which the app puts these appointments in the right place. A big disadvantage is that the app does not support Dutch.

5. Clear: Week Calendar

Week Calendar is a comprehensive calendar app with a lot of features. The app stands out mainly for its clarity. Color blocks and icons make it clear when something is expected of you. Whether you look per day, week, month, year or as a list. You can adjust appointments by dragging, which is useful, for example, if your lecture is moved or the deadline for your paper is postponed. Your appointments can also be shared via WhatsApp, if you work with a group.

calendar apps

6. From the Netherlands: Easy Calendar

Another excellent option is Easy Calendar, created by Tom van Zummeren. The application does not have to rely on the many options, but it does remain clear. Easy Calendar is, as the name suggests, easy. It’s definitely not the prettiest app on this list, but if you’re not looking for too much hassle in your calendar, you should definitely try it.

Study apps

Of course there are also apps that help you study. Think of apps to take notes, set alarms and teach you to focus. iPhoned lists the best school apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac. While studying, use these apps to stay focused.

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