People peeping on your iPhone: Apple is working on the solution

Do you also find it annoying when someone looks at your iPhone? Not for long. According to rumors, Apple is working on the solution against people peeping on your iPhone!

People peeping on your iPhone: Apple is working on a solution

Maybe you know it: you’re sitting on the train WhatsApping with your friends, and you feel two piercing eyes looking over your shoulder. The person next to you is unashamedly looking at your iPhone and reading the conversation. Irritating!

Protecting iPhone against hackers highlighted

Reading a conversation is one thing, but malicious peeping people also try to find out the access code or passwords of your iPhone in this way. And once they have your passcode…

iPhone screen with extra privacy

Do you also hate people peeking at your iPhone? Apple secretly too. In response, Apple said it takes these types of copycat actions seriously, no matter how rare. And that they continue to improve security to keep iPhone users’ accounts safe.

Apple did not provide any further details, but patents have now surfaced that reduce the field of view of an iPhone screen. By default, the iPhone screen has a viewing angle of about 170 degrees. One of the patents describes a screen where the light only travels in one direction. This makes the screen visible only to you. Apple can then use the camera with Face ID to see how you are sitting in front of your iPhone screen.

Another patent describes a similar technique, but for flat screens such as those of the Mac. This states that the user is given the option to adjust the polarization of the screen. This may make the screen less readable from the side.

macOS viruses

It is not known whether and when Apple will apply these techniques. But it’s interesting to see what Apple is doing in the background. Until that moment comes, you have to keep in mind that there are always people peeking at your iPhone.

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