“Periscope lens also remains exclusive to the Pro Max with the iPhone 16”

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, only the iPhone 16 Pro Max will get a periscope lens. Here’s why the camera isn’t coming to the entire iPhone 16 series.

iPhone 16 Pro Max gets periscope lens

Earlier it became clear that the iPhone 15 Ultra (this year’s Pro Max) will get a new periscope lens. Such a lens is mainly intended to zoom in much further than is currently possible with the iPhone 14 Pro, for example. With this technique, the camera lenses are placed in width (and not in depth, as is currently the case) in an iPhone, so that larger zoom lenses can be built in.

With the periscope lens in your iPhone, you are expected to be able to zoom in 10x. For comparison: with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) you can zoom in 3x. A periscope lens therefore represents a significant improvement. Apple analyst Kuo has now predicted that the periscope lens will only come to the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

The size of the iPhone is important

If the periscope lens actually only comes to the iPhone 16 Pro Max, it will most likely have to do with the size of the device. A periscope lens needs more space than a ‘normal’ lens, which means that more space has to be made available in the design of the iPhone for the camera in the device.

The iPhone 16 Pro Max is – as the name suggests – a fairly large phone. Apple therefore has more space to fill, so there is also more room for a periscope lens. The wider the lens in the device, the further you can zoom in. The size of the device is probably also one of the reasons that the periscope lens will soon (probably) only be added to the iPhone 15 Ultra.

iPhone 16 periscope

iPhone 16 will not appear until 2024

It will be a while before we can expect the iPhone 16 (Pro Max), the phone will not appear until 2024. A lot can of course change by then, so it is possible that the periscope lens will also be added to the iPhone 16 Pro. True to tradition, Apple is extending the functions of the Pro to all models of the next generation iPhone.

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