Personal Backup 6.1.10 – Free peace of mind

Want to back up important files, the photos you cherish and your collected music? Personal Backup has recently been updated. It is a free tool to handle multiple, unlimited backup tasks.

Personal Backup 6.1.10




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  • Pros
  • Automatic backups
  • Encryption for security
  • Negatives
  • Does not back up system files
  • Interface looks intimidating

To begin, we emphasize what Personal Backup doesn’t do: make a copy of your system. It is therefore not possible with this program to recover your PC after a system crash. It’s all about protecting the files you keep on your computer.


Either you follow the assistant as a beginner, or you configure the task manually as an experienced user. Whoever chooses the first road selects the destination location. This can be a local drive, a network drive or an ftp address. And in the next step, you select the user folders you want backup. Here the assistant presents the standard user folders such as Documents, Application data, Music, Pictures… You can also add a folder of your choice to the list.

This backup job secures our music folder.

Archive and encrypt

Instead of copying the files in their original form, this tool can also save them as a zip archive, saving you a lot of disk space. The assistant asks if the program should still verify the backup and if the files should be encrypted.


As a final step, Personal Backup asks if it should start this task automatically or if you want to set a specific time schedule. For example, you can specify that the Photos, Music and Documents folders should be backed up every evening at 11 p.m. You save the backup job itself as a .buj file. Then you come to the dashboard where you manage all tasks and adjust them if necessary.

Put back

To restore files, use the button Tools and again select the source and target. To make things faster, you can specify that identical files should not be overwritten, or that only files that are newer than a few days should be restored. Personal Backup also has a button to check backups for integrity. Thunderbird mail client users even have an additional tool to secure and restore their email files.

We have the files archived in a zip archive.


Personal Backup may lack the user-friendliness of the commercial products, but it is absolutely suitable for the home user. So if you want total peace of mind without spending a euro, this is definitely recommended.


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