Philips Hue: now temporarily extra cheap at Bol

Looking for smart lighting? Various Philips Hue products are now available during the Bol 10-day event temporary extra competitively priced. iPhoned has collected the best offers for you!

About the Bol 10-day

During the Bol 10-day you can enjoy top offers on various products for ten days, including headphones, audio equipment and smart home. Are you looking for new smart lighting? Then we have good news for you!

The Philips Hue lighting is now temporarily priced extra competitively. During the Bol 10-day event you will receive the second product for half the price of the entire Philips Hue range. You can also combine the products!

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Philips Hue: dimmer switch


The Philips Hue dimmer switch is a smart and handy switch for your Hue lamps. With this switch you can adjust the brightness of your lighting, dim the lights, cycle through different light scenes and adjust the light to the time of day.

You can easily attach this handy switch to the wall thanks to the magnetic back. Because you get the second Philips Hue product for half the price, you can now purchase two of these dimmer switches for only 32.99 euros.

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Philips Hue: smart plug

Don’t want to replace all your existing lighting? No problem! Make your current lamps smart with the Philips Hue smart plug. Simply plug the smart plug into a socket and connect your lights to it. Then control your lighting effortlessly via the Philips Hue app or even with your voice.

The smart plug has a compact and simple design, complete with a convenient on/off switch on the top. With protective earth (type F), this plug is suitable for use in the Netherlands and most other European countries. For only 48 euros With two of these plugs you can transform your current lamps into smart lamps.

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Philips Hue Bridge


The Philips Hue Bridge is the basis for the smart Philips Hue lighting system and provides endless possibilities. With the Hue Bridge you have control over up to fifty lamps and accessories, wherever you are. Connect the Bridge to your router and use the free Philips Hue app on your smartphone or tablet to manage all your Hue lamps in your home.

This allows you to easily adjust your lighting with timers, automations and custom lighting scenes, just the way you want. Because you do second Philips Hue product for half of the price, you can get two of these bridges for just 82.49 euros. Would you prefer another article? Of course you can also combine!

Check out the Philips Hue Bridge
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Philips Hue: LED strip

philips hue light strip

Sixteen million colors in a luxurious, stylish light strip. The Philips Hue ‘gradient light strip’ combines these colors into a colorful and stylish whole, with which you can always create the perfect atmosphere in your home. Shape or bend the light strip so that it fits your space. Or cut a piece off, there are plenty of possibilities with the light strip.

Control up to ten lights simultaneously via Bluetooth to quickly and easily set the right atmosphere. Or add a Hue Bridge so you have access to various smart functions. This includes setting timers, automations and outdoor operation. During the Bol 10-day event you can already get two of these Philips Hue LED strips at home 90 euros! Each light strip has a length of one meter.

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Philips Hue: GU10 spot duo pack

Create an atmosphere in your home with two Philips Hue white and color LED spotlights with a GU10 fitting. With a wide choice of no fewer than sixteen million colors and 50,000 shades of white, you can create the perfect atmosphere for every moment. Relax with warm white light or increase focus with cool white light.

With the Bluetooth capabilities and the accompanying app you can control up to ten lights. You can quickly set all lamps to brighter light, dimmed light or one of the preset scenes. During the promotional period you can already get two of these duopacks at home 135 euros. This saves you no less than 45 euros!

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Philips Hue Starter Kit: white ambiance

philips-hue starter kit

Transform your house into a smart home with the Philips Hue Starter Kit. This starter set contains three Hue White standard lamps with an E27 fitting, providing you with beautiful warm LED light, and a dimmer switch. You can adjust the light as desired, for example to follow a recipe while cooking or to focus when working from home. Do you want more atmosphere in your home? Then you can easily dim the light.

In the kit you will find everything you need to provide your home with smart lighting, including the handy Hue dimmer switch. With this smart switch you can control, dim or brighten the lights. Two of these starter kits cost during the Bol 10-day event 130.49 euros instead of 174 euros. This allows you to transform your entire house into a smart home. Would you prefer a different duopack? You can also combine!

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Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Didn’t find what you were looking for? No problem! During the Bol 10-day event you can benefit from great offers on various products for ten days, not just on smart lighting. View all other offers below.

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