Please note: apps secretly collect your data! (iPhone News #5)

Apple and privacy? Normally a good match. But now it appears that developers are bypassing Apple’s protections. This and more was this week’s top Apple and iPhone news!

This cunning trick allows iPhone apps to collect your data (and here’s how to prevent it)

Collect iPhone data

A new way has been discovered that allows apps to secretly collect data from your iPhone. On your iPhone (and iPad), Apple allows applications to collect various data, provided you actively use the app.

Do you close the application? The app then only has a short time to collect data in the background. The app is then closed completely, so that no more data is collected. But there is a trick to get around that.

This way you are safe

Please be patient: ‘New iPads and MacBooks will arrive in March’

iPad Pro

Are you planning to purchase an iPad or MacBook? Then wait a little longer, because it looks like Apple is already releasing a number of new products next month. So if you wait a little longer, you will either get something brand new, or you can score an extra good deal.

But what exactly kind of iPads and MacBooks can you expect? We will update you on everything that is likely to be announced. And who knows, maybe Apple will surprise us with something completely different.

These will be the new products

This new feature makes WhatsApp much more secure (and here’s how it works)

whatsapp passkey

Good news if you use WhatsApp on the iPhone, because a new security method will be added soon. WhatsApp has released a new test version, showing that passkeys is finally coming to the iPhone. With this feature, it is no longer necessary to come up with a password yourself, making WhatsApp much more secure.

→ This is how it works

This is how cool the first Apple Vision Pro apps look

zoom apple vision pro

The Apple Vision Pro is brand new, but there are already more than 250 apps that support visionOS (the operating system of Apple’s VR glasses) from release. Of course, the glasses also work with the standard iPhone and iPad apps, but these of course look less cool than the apps that fully support visionOS. We therefore show you a few!

Check out these apps

‘iOS 18 will be the biggest update ever for the iPhone’

apple updates

Major changes are coming to your iPhone with iOS 17.4, because you will soon also be able to install apps without the App Store. The update also makes it possible to use other browsers on your iPhone and adds multiple payment methods to iOS. Apple is therefore making enormous changes, but iOS 18 is expected to be an even bigger update.

We already know this about iOS 18

Do you have to charge your iPhone more and more often? This is the reason

Charge iPhone more often

It won’t be news to you that batteries don’t last forever. Capacity simply decreases over time. Ultimately nothing can be done about that. The only thing you have some influence on is the extent to which the capacity decreases.

And thus how quickly it starts that you have to charge your iPhone more often. We explain exactly why this is the case, and what you can do to keep your battery working properly for as long as possible.

Protect your battery

View body temperature on your Apple Watch: this is how you do it

apple watch temperature

Apple provides the Apple Watch with more and more health functions. It has long been possible to track your workouts with the smartwatch, but you can now also go deep-sea diving and make heart recordings with the Apple Watch. The watch is therefore becoming more and more advanced, the Apple Watch Series 8 and newer have a temperature sensor. It now turns out that you can measure your body temperature with the Apple Watch.

That is how it works

Arc Search for iPhone is your browser, search engine and AI chatbot in one

arc search ai

A new browser has recently become available for your iPhone, because Arc Search can now be downloaded. The browser combines various functions, so that your browser, search engine and AI chatbot can be found in one app.

Arc was already available on the Mac, but a special app has now also been developed for your iPhone. That app is a lot more extensive than Safari currently is.

Check out the Safari alternative

These new emojis are coming to your iPhone with iOS 17.4

It has been a while since new emojis have been added to the iPhone. So it was time for an addition again. Now with the first beta of iOS 17.4 you can get started again with a few new emojis.

There aren’t very many this time, but some are quite fun or useful. For example, think of a face that can shake yes or no. We show you all the emojis.

Discover all the new emojis

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