Qualcomm teases new chip for wearables

Qualcomm teases new chip for wearables

Snapdragon maker Qualcomm hints at a new chip for wearables. Possibly intended for Wear OS smartwatches, because now that Google and Samsung are working together on this, the operating system for smartwatches seems to be a bit more firmly in its shoes.

Qualcomm Snapdragon for wearables

Qualcomm puts it pretty bold in a tweet in which it pretty much writes (loosely translated): “Time is running out for something great.” It wants to indicate that it is high time it unveiled its new wearable chip, or that the time is running out to reveal something big. Or well, big might be a strange choice of words, because a chip for wearables is more likely to be small-smaller-smallest. A video has been placed with the Tweet in which a video with a kind of abstract chips can be seen, followed by the words: ‘Wear what counts’ and ‘Soon’.

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When exactly it will make the announcement is still unknown, but there is a good chance that it will be a small chip for Wear OS systems. Who knows, this might be the Snapdragon Wear 5100, about which we already wrote in February that it was leaked. For now, Wear OS device users are gearing up for a regular operating system update, but work is also underway on the next generation of Wear OS gadgets.

Chip for smartwatches

The question is which rumors about Wear 5100 are correct and which are not. For example, the CPU would not necessarily be much better than that of the current Snapdragon Wear 4100. However, the 4nm process would be more efficient, thanks in part to the 4GB of RAM that the new chip would have. Furthermore, there are relatively few rumors about the new chip. Could this one be in a new Fossil smartwatch? Maybe, but first let’s see what Qualcomm has improved on its wearable chip.

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