Rabobank app now provides insight into your energy consumption: this is how it works

Rabobank app now provides insight into your energy consumption: this is how it works

Rabobank wants to give their customers the opportunity to gain more insight into their energy consumption. That is why the bank is introducing the ‘Energy Insight’ function. In combination with a smart meter, this new function will soon be able to tell the bank’s customers exactly what they use a lot of energy for. The function is available for a number of customers from today, the bank says it is working hard to offer the function to all customers as soon as possible.

Energy Insight

Fifteen thousand Rabobank customers have now been given the ‘Energy Insight’ function. With this feature, they can get a better view of their energy consumption. Energy Insight is a function in the Rabo App and only works in combination with a smart meter. As a customer, you must therefore give permission in advance so that ‘Energy Insight’ can connect to your smart meter. Then the connection between ‘Energy Insight’ and the smart meter ensures that you are told exactly which devices in your house use the most energy. This feature is completely free to use.

“Due to the turbulent energy market, more people need insight into their own energy consumption. Continued increases in energy prices are causing unrest. Energy Insight can help with that,” says Huib Mulder, Director of Housing at Rabobank. the Telegraph.

Free and energy tips

Besides the fact that you can see how much energy it consumes for every device in your house, ‘Energy Insight’ also gives you tips. The bank does this in collaboration with the Milieu Centraal organisation. The function works for Rabobank customers, regardless of which energy supplier you are affiliated with.

‘Energy Insight’ is currently still in a test phase, and the feature is currently available for 15,000 Rabobank customers. The bank aims to make the feature available to all of its customers next year.

What do you think of the function? And would you like to use it? Let me know in the comments.

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