Read comics on your iPad (and iPhone)

Reading comics on your iPad is easy to do with iComics

Comics, they remain fun. Also for adults. And a tablet in particular is ideally suited to read the digital variants. iComics is one of the available ‘readers’ for iOS, but there are more, including Android.

In particular, the large screen of a tablet is ideal for reading books, magazines and comics. Comics even have their own digital format, actually several. The best known are .br and .cbz. Which is basically just a files compressed with RAR or ZIP set. Because of the other file extension (the part after the tip of a file name), a comic reader ‘knows’ that a successive series of images has been archived to be displayed as a coherent comic book.

PDF is also used for digital comic books, as well as EPUB. But CBR and CBZ are by far the most popular. A comicbook viewer like iComics for iOS presents the contents of such files as a browsable comic book.

The final image quality strongly depends on the images in the CBR, CBZ, PDF and so on. Often makers or scanners have chosen a good balance between quality and file size, so that the mobile is all fine to handle. Importing comics (such as comic books in good English) is either a matter of sharing from a file manager with the viewer app or copying the cbr’s and so on to the app folder, as with iComics. each method has its own advantages and disadvantages; it doesn’t matter for the actual reading of the comics. Just like the one mentioned in the beginning iComics other readers often also have a library function, with which you can divide your comic collection over folders.

You will also find a library function in the iComics app
You will also find a library function in the iComics app

Comics and readers

The question remains: how do you get strips? After all, you are not supposed to download everything illegally. Scanning, zipping or rarren yourself and renaming the file extension to .cbr is the most obvious way. Furthermore, there are undoubtedly also strips that are copyrighted. With a little Googling you will go a long way. And to help everyone on the road when it comes to reading comics in digital form, we also report for the sake of completeness in addition to iComics for iOS Astonishing Comic Reader for Android. Apart from these, many more readers can be found in the respective app stores of iOS and Android.

Before you buy and install, please check the update history of your intended app. There are quite a few orphaned specimens wandering around in this genre that have not been tracked for years. This is often of little use to you, because screen resolutions of newer devices are not (properly) supported. Furthermore, the vast majority of Android users run Android on a smartphone. You must have a copy with a large screen to really enjoy the comics. Otherwise, you will either keep scrolling or zooming in and out. A tablet is really the best way to do full justice to comics!


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