Refuel and pay for your fuel with Apple CarPlay: now in the Netherlands

That’s easy! You can now refuel in the Netherlands and pay for your fuel with Apple Carplay. You must know this!

Pay for fuel with Apple CarPlay

With the release of iOS 16, some really cool features came to your iPhone, iPad and CarPlay. CarPlay’s most notable feature: paying for your fuel from the driver’s seat.

This way you are ready faster and you can quickly continue your journey. It is of course also nice if you want to buy something or eat something at the gas station. You put the car aside with a full tank and you can take your time to shop without having to occupy a pump.

Refuel with iPhone

Paying with an iPhone, an Apple Watch or Apple CarPlay is possible at the gas stations that are connected to it Connected Fueling platform. Connected Fueling is available in 14 European countries and more and more filling stations are joining the network. On the website shows exactly where the filling stations are located in Europe (and the Netherlands).

To fill up and pay for your fuel with Apple CarPlay, you need to download the PACE Drive app and register. Then choose the payment method (e.g. Apple Pay or credit card).

Then select the gas station that supports Connected Fueling. Choose your pump number, fill the tank of your car and authorize the payment to be made.

refuel apple watch

At the moment, paying for your fuel via Apple CarPlay is available at five hundred Dutch petrol stations. In the first quarter of 2023, this number must have increased to more than a thousand filling stations.

This is Apple CarPlay – in short

CarPlay is Apple’s way of bringing your iPhone to the car in a safe and easy way. By pairing your iPhone with the system in your car, CarPlay is automatically activated. Your car must of course support CarPlay.

The operating system was released in 2014 and is available in many different car brands. You connect your iPhone with a cable, but there are also CarPlay systems that can connect wirelessly to your smartphone. The information on your iPhone is automatically transferred to Apple CarPlay.

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