‘Samsung must use Google’s smooth updates from Android 13’

'Samsung must use Google's smooth updates from Android 13'

Samsung has to give up something with the arrival of the Android upgrade. Where you can’t do anything with your smartphone with an update, you can probably do that from Android 13. That means the download continues in the background while you can continue WhatsApp, make calls, and so on.

Smooth updates

Google has been using the smooth updates (Seamless updates) for years: it already introduced the option in 2016. However, Samsung was not keen to implement this so far. This is probably coming to an end. Phone expert Mishaal Rahman has found that with Android 13, Google may be forcing smartphones to all get smooth updates (via AndroidCentral).

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With the smooth updates, you can continue to use your phone until you have to reboot the device. This is made possible by creating an inactive partition of the Android OS – that is the one being updated – while you are using the active partition. However, being able to continue with what you do on your phone is not the only advantage: you can also uninstall updates more easily.

Android 13

A handy feature that Google already wanted to make mandatory with Android 11, but has not done so. That’s because it takes up quite a lot of storage space. In the meantime, Google has succeeded in making that a little less large, so it is probably high time that other manufacturers also embrace this.

Samsung is currently already rolling out the beta of Android 13, but whether that update variant is already in it is still unknown. It is rumored that these devices will get the upgrade this year:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3
  • Samsung Galaxy A53

Samsung has been working on its interpretation of Android 13 for a while. It’s called One UI 5. The update will appear first on the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra from October 17.

Better late than never? Do you think Samsung should implement those smooth updates? Leave it now with this article.

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