Save money every day with apps: these are the four best options

Groceries, gasoline and other weekly costs are becoming increasingly expensive. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can easily save you money. This is them!

Save money with apps

Life is becoming increasingly expensive due to inflation. Rising gasoline prices, higher energy costs and expensive groceries mean that you get less for your money every week or even every day. Fortunately, there are a number of apps that can help you easily save money on all these costs. We list the four best apps for you, so that you have more money left over at the end of the month!

1. ANWB On the road: check petrol prices

Gasoline prices have risen dramatically in recent years. A handy app to save money on petrol is ANWB Onderweg. This app clearly shows the current prices of gas stations in your area. The petrol stations found are filtered by distance by default, but you can change that to ‘price ascending’ with a single tap. This way you have immediately found the lowest petrol price in your area!

save money anwb

2. Advertising brochure: all offers at hand

Many stores have temporary offers, which can quickly save you a lot of money. In the Advertising Brochure app you can immediately see the latest brochures from a huge number of stores that are available. A useful function in this app is the list. If you see a good offer, you can save it to your list so that you can easily find it later. With these saved offers, the app helps you save money quickly. The app can be installed for free here:

save money advertising brochure

3. Spontaneous: delicious and cheap eating out

Do you want to dine in a restaurant? Then you can quickly save a lot of money with the ‘Spontaneous’ app. With Spontaan you will find offers from restaurants, so you sometimes pay much less than the normal price. Have you found a restaurant with a great offer? You can then reserve and pay directly from the app via iDeal or PayPal, among others. Check out the app for free in the App Store below:

save money spontaneously

4. Groupon: discounts up to 70 percent

One of the best-known apps for discount codes is Groupon. You will not only find discounts for products such as iPhones, but also for hotels, restaurants, amusement parks and saunas. The number of offers is lower than many other discount code apps, but with Groupon the discounts can be up to 70 percent. Definitely interesting to try out the app!

save money groupon

More tips to save money?

These apps make it easier to save money daily, weekly or monthly. Would you like more tips to spend less money? Then read one of the articles below, in which we highlight cheap products and good offers to save money!

  • Save money every day with apps: these are the four best options

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