Secret iPhone Map: View and delete frequently visited locations

Your iPhone secretly keeps track of which locations you regularly visit. We will tell you where this secret card is hidden on your iPhone.

Secret iPhone Map: View frequently visited locations

There are quite a few things hidden on your iPhone. You never even use many of these hidden functions. But did you know that the iPhone can also track locations that you often visit? This feature is called ‘Point of Interest’ and we’ll tell you where to find it so you know what locations your iPhone has saved.

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  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app;

  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Privacy & Security’;

  3. Tap ‘Location Services’;

  4. Scroll down and choose ‘System’;

  5. Scroll down again and tap ‘Points of Interest’.

Here you can see exactly which important locations your iPhone has saved on this secret map. The iPhone uses these locations for a number of different apps, such as Maps, Calendar, CarpPlay, Siri and Photos.

Under ‘Recent Files’ you will find the exact locations your iPhone has saved. By tapping on one of the locations you will see where exactly it is on the map above by means of a blue circle.

Clear locations

If you want to delete these locations, you can. You do this by tapping ‘Clear history’ at the bottom. Please note that the locations on the iPhone and any other devices logged into your iCloud account will be erased. It is not possible to delete any of the locations on this secret iPhone map. It’s all or nothing.

You can also turn the feature off (and not delete the locations). You do this by turning off the slider at the top. Please note that personalized location services in CarPlay, Siri, Maps and more will no longer work.

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