Secure an app on your iPhone with Face ID (this is how you do it)

Don’t want anyone to be able to open any app on your iPhone? No problem! We show you how you can add extra security to any app with Face ID.

Secure the app on iPhone with Face ID

Do you ever give your iPhone to your friends and don’t you like them just poking around in your Photos or Twitter app? You can do something about that now. Since iOS 16.4, it has been possible to secure any app with Face ID (or a passcode). We show you how!

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To secure an app with Face ID (or passcode) you need the Assignments app. This app is standard on your iPhone and has been updated since iOS 16.4 that now makes it possible to provide extra security for each app. Follow the steps below to secure an app with Face ID.

Secure App on iPhone with Face ID or Passcode

  1. Open the ‘Assignments’ app on your iPhone and tap ‘Automation’;

  2. If necessary, tap the plus sign at the top right and choose ‘Personal automation’;

  3. Scroll down, choose ‘app’ and ‘opens’;

  4. Tap “Choose”, select an app from the list and tap “Done”;

  5. Tap on ‘Next’ and ‘Add task’;

  6. Type “Entry Screen” in the text field, tap it and choose “Next”;

  7. Turn off the button at ‘Ask before running’, choose ‘Don’t ask’ and tap ‘Done’.

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More tips to secure your iPhone

With Face ID (and Touch ID) you already have a good way to secure an app on your iPhone (and iPad), but these two functions are not flawless either. Did you know that even when your iPhone is locked, someone can still get away with your device? Do you want to know what you can do about it? Then read the article below.

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