Seiko SPB267J1 Presage with Arita porcelain dial

Seiko’s Presage collection regularly releases limited edition watches in which a traditional Japanese technique is used to give the watch a special look. The SPB267J1, limited to 2000 pieces, has a genuine Arita porcelain dial.

The combination of the beauty of the dial and more than 100 years of experience in mechanical watches has resulted in a Limited Edition watch that shows care and craftsmanship in every aspect.

“Delft” blue dial

We know the technique of painting porcelain with blue pigments in the Netherlands as “Delft blue”, but the technique is many centuries older and originally came from China, after which it was refined in Japan. In the seventeenth century, the VOC was the only one to import exclusive Arita porcelain from Japan to Europe, after which the technique also became popular here.


Arita is located on Kyushu, the third largest island in southwestern Japan. The small town became the center of Japan’s porcelain industry when clay was discovered that was ideally suited for the manufacture of high-quality porcelain.

Traditional painting technique and glaze

Producing the dials requires a multi-stage production process that requires a high degree of skill, patience and artistry. This Limited Edition has a dial in which the characteristic “Defts blue” tones have been imitated using a traditional painting technique called ‘ruri zome’. This technique provides a pleasant-looking effect on the wrist due to the soft and light tones. Moreover, this makes every watch unique.

In addition, the dials have a glaze that further enhances the appearance of Arita porcelain, giving them a deep and rich-looking finish.

The porcelain dials are made by master craftsman Hiroyuki Hashiguchi and his colleagues, all working at a renowned manufacturer from Arita that has been making porcelain since 1830.

Hiroyuki Hashiguchi
▴ Hiroyuki Hashiguchi

▴ SPB267J1

Excellent movement specifications

Naturally, the interior of the watch also meets Seiko’s high standards. Powered by a caliber 6R27 automatic movement with 27 jewels and 45 hours of power reserve, separate date hand and 10 ATM water resistance.

The back of the case bears the description ‘LIMITED EDITION’ and a serial number ranging from 0001/2000 to 2000/2000.

Want to see the Presage SPB267J1 Arita in real life?

Would you like to see the SPB267J1 in real life and experience the unique translucent properties of Arita porcelain for yourself? Then order the watch online and indicate that you want to pick up the watch in one of our stores. We will then set the watch aside for you so that you can view it at your leisure – without obligation to purchase.

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