Set up recovery contact: never lose access to your iPhone again

Have you lost your iPhone’s passcode? Or forget Apple ID password? With a recovery contact on your iPhone you can continue again in no time!

Set up recovery contact on iPhone

It’s quite annoying when you lose your iPhone’s passcode. It becomes even more difficult if you have forgotten your Apple ID password. By setting up a recovery contact you can easily regain access to your iPhone. Here you can read how to configure a recovery contact on an iPhone or iPad.

set recovery contact

Set up recovery contact on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the settings on your iPhone or iPad;

  2. Tap your name;

  3. Choose ‘Login and security > Account recovery’;

  4. Tap ‘Add recovery contact’;

  5. Tap it again and verify your identity with Face ID or Touch ID;

  6. If you are a member of a Family Sharing group, it is best to choose one of the family members. Otherwise you have to choose a contact and send them a request;

  7. A family member is accepted immediately. Do you choose a contact? Then he must first accept the request;

  8. After the request is accepted, you will see a message that this person has been added as a recovery contact on your iPhone or iPad.

Receive a recovery code from your recovery contact

After setting up a recovery contact on your iPhone and iPad, you no longer have to worry about losing access to your account. Even if your account is blocked, you can regain access using your recovery contact.

Have you lost access and forgotten your Apple ID password? Then follow the steps on your device and share the instructions with your recovery contact. Your recovery contact must then provide you with a six-digit code. You can then enter this on your device. After your identity is confirmed, you can reset your Apple ID password.

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