Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12: Here’s how to make Siri smarter and more useful to you

From iOS 12, Siri is getting a lot smarter, at least; if you want to put the time and effort into this. With Siri Shortcuts, Apple puts you in control to better tailor the assistant to you. iPhoned shows how it works.

Siri Shortcuts: How Does It Work?

Siri Shortcuts is a combination of two new features that Apple is adding to its voice assistant in 2018. First of all, there’s the Siri Shortcuts app, along with a new Siri feature that gives the assistant access to your lock screen. We discuss the two below.

Siri Shortcuts

This is how the Siri Shortcuts app works

With Siri Shortcuts, Apple is doing something special. After the acquisition of Workflow, this complete app will be added to Siri. The result is a new application that is installed by default on your iPhone or iPad.

This app will be introduced at the same time as the Shortcuts API, a software package that allows developers to make their apps Siri Shortcuts ready. New Shortcuts are regularly suggested in the app, so you don’t have to come up with them all yourself.

Siri Shortcuts

It works like this: each Siri Shortcut basically consists of a series of intermediate steps. By bundling these under one shortcut, you can make Siri do a series of things with a voice command. For example, you can set Siri to do the following when you say ‘Hey Siri, I’m going home’:

  • Siri searches for the fastest route home via Apple Maps;
  • Siri sends a message to your partner that you are on your way;
  • Siri will already look up the playlist in Apple Music that you always listen to in the car.

Another example with the voice command: ‘Order my lunch’:

  • Siri remembers which order you always order for your lunch;
  • Siri sends an order to the sandwich shop’s app;
  • Siri will notify you when the order is on its way.

That way you only have to speak to Siri once and then activate three things. Moreover, you are completely free to set the voice command yourself.

Siri Shortcuts on your lock screen

In addition to the separate Shortcuts app, Siri will also play a more prominent role on your lock screen. For example, if Siri knows that you are ordering a coffee every morning, Siri will suggest you place an order for you when you wake up. Naturally, the coffee bar’s app must support this function.

This is how you create a Siri Shortcut

Although the full Shortcuts app is not yet available in the iOS 12 beta, you can already include your own shortcut via the settings app. This works as follows. You need iOS 12 to complete the steps below.

Siri Shortcuts
  1. Open the Settings app;
  2. Tap Siri and Search;
  3. Tap on ‘More keywords’;
  4. Choose one of the available shortcuts;
  5. Record your own voice command;
  6. Siri does the job when you say the voice command.

Siri Shortcuts release

Siri Shortcuts will be released this fall along with iOS 12. Siri Shortcuts have not yet been added to the public beta. As soon as the new app appears in the test version, we will update this guide with new images and information.

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