Smart camera doorbell the public road: this is allowed and not

Smart camera doorbell on the public road: this is allowed and not

One of the most popular smart home products is the smart camera. Whether it’s the doorbell or a regular camera: there are rules that prescribe what you can film with such a smart camera. That’s not all.

Hang up video doorbell

It’s good to know that hanging up a video doorbell or security camera is permitted. However, you are obliged to ensure that the privacy of others is guaranteed as much as possible. Especially when it comes to your neighbors. It is therefore not the intention that you film the garden of your neighbors. In fact: you can only own your own belongings to film.

As far as the front yard and backyard of the neighbors are concerned, it is logical that it is not allowed, but it becomes more exciting when you look at whether or not the public road is filmed. A sidewalk, parking spaces: what about that? Sometimes you can’t escape it, especially if your door has parking spaces directly on the side. That in itself is not a disaster: it is not completely forbidden to film on public roads. You just have to make sure you do that as little as possible. For example, you can set your doorbell so that it only films when someone has actually rung the bell.

Invasion of privacy

You should actively try to violate the privacy of passers-by as little as possible. That is, of course, somewhat vague and subjective. What one person finds a lot of effort, another finds a lot less complicated. Someone can possibly go to the Dutch Data Protection Authority if he or she believes that your camera unnecessarily violates privacy. However, don’t worry: the Dutch Data Protection Authority will always recommend that you start talking to each other. In addition, it can also help to hang up your camera roadmap of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Maybe now it sounds like such a smart camera or smart camera doorbell is a lot of hassle and it only causes problems. However, that is not the case. For example, the police often make grateful use of what has happened around these types of cameras. For example, if there is a case going on in a neighbourhood, the police can ask around for images from smart cameras. It has even created a database, Camera in Pictures, which you can use to help the police with camera images of or around a crime scene.

Smart camera doorbell on the public road: this is allowed and not

Police happy with images

It is therefore encouraged by the police: the use of smart cameras, as long as you ensure that you do not compromise the privacy of others as much as possible. You are allowed to film the public road, but only if there really is no other option. As long as you can aim your camera at your own stuff and path as much as possible, you should definitely do that.

If you can’t, talk to your neighbors about it and use your camera’s stickers on doors and windows to let people know that they can be filmed. For example, also look at the possibilities of your camera itself. For example, you can apply a kind of black zones at Ring so that you do not film the door of your neighbors’ apartment, for example. So if there is no other option, let the technology work for you.

Have you talked to your neighbors about what is being filmed or not? Leave it now in the comments below this article.

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