Spotify is working on a cheaper subscription without audiobooks

Spotify has announced a cheaper subscription in America for dropping access to audiobooks. You need to know this.

Spotify is working on a cheaper subscription

Spotify starts with a cheaper subscription in America, in exchange for dropping audiobooks. This cheaper option costs $10.99 per month and offers all the benefits of Spotify, such as ad-free playback. The only thing missing are the audiobooks.

Spotify’s standard Premium subscription costs $11.99. In addition to ad-free playback, that subscription gives you access to 15 hours of audiobook listening per month, from a catalog of more than 250,000 titles. Until now, it was not possible to opt for a cheaper subscription with Spotify.

Spotify more expensive

Again just as expensive as Apple Music

Spotify raised the price of its basic subscription from $10.99 to $11.99 in June. The company said it wanted to offer users the best experience. With the new cheaper subscription, customers who do not want to use audiobooks can save $1 per month.

Spotify’s subscription, which has become cheaper, is now as expensive as Apple Music. Spotify is therefore no longer more expensive than Apple Music in America. There are no changes in the prices of the other subscriptions. Duo costs $16.99 and Family costs $19.99. Spotify also has a $9.99 subscription that gives you 15 hours of audiobooks and ad-supported music per month.

In the Netherlands, Spotify has not yet announced a cheaper subscription, but there is a chance that this will happen. Here too, Spotify has been one euro per month more expensive than Apple Music for a while now and you have access to audio books with a subscription. The prices in the Netherlands are currently:

Premium subscription Price
Individual 11.99 euros
Duo 15.99 euros
Family 18.99 euros
Student 5.99 euros

If you have no need for audiobooks, you will probably have the option to switch to a subscription that is 1 euro cheaper in a while.

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