Streaming Netflix via HDMI adapter: that no longer works in iOS 16

Earlier it appeared that you can no longer stream movies or series to the Apple TV in iOS 16. This problem turns out to be even bigger: it is no longer possible from your iPhone or iPad via an HDMI adapter.

iOS 16 causes streaming problems

Do you watch a lot of Netflix, HBO Max or other streaming services? Then you may have already found out that some things no longer work. For example, it is no longer possible to stream to the Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3 via AirPlay.

This problem only occurs when you have iOS 16 on your iPhone. When you try to send a film or series from Disney Plus, HBO Max or other streaming service from your iPhone to the Apple TV, things go wrong. Now it appears that the problem also occurs when you try to stream a movie or series via an HDMI adapter.

Stream iOS 16

iOS 16 has a new version of DRM

The problems only seem to occur when streaming protected content (DRM content). This kind of content can be found on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO Max. By DRM (Digital Rights Management) it is not possible for this content to be illegally copied and distributed.

The streaming issue may be caused by a new version of DRM implemented in iOS 16. This new version is not compatible with old versions of DRM. As a result, with iOS 16 it is no longer possible to stream from these services via an HDMI adapter with an outdated DRM version.

Streaming iOS 16

Streaming issue in iOS 16 is not resolved

If it is actually a new version of DRM in iOS 16, it is unlikely that the problem will be solved. DRM gets an update every once in a while to improve the technology, so it can no longer work with devices that haven’t been updated. For the time being, it is therefore not possible to stream via HDMI with iOS 16 if the adapter has not been updated.

For now, there is no solution to the streaming problem yet. The good news is that you can stream from an iPad with a USB-C cable without any problems – for as long as it lasts.

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