Strike NS: first check these apps before you go out

Strike NS: first check these apps before you go out

Trade unions FNV Spoor, VVMC and CNV have announced a strike for today. This means that unfortunately there are no NS trains in a large part of the province of South Holland. With these apps you are well prepared if you have to travel by public transport.

Longer travel times, more frequent transfers

According to the Dutch Railways, this strike has major consequences for train transport. The strike area plays an important role in the timetable, which means that travelers in the rest of the country are also affected by the strike. Travelers should take longer travel times and more frequent transfers into account. Alternative bus transport is not possible.


In the course of Thursday evening, the Travel Planner was updated. NS advises travelers to consult this in the NS app shortly before departure. You will then know exactly whether your train journey will be hindered by delays as a result of the strike. If you save a trip in the app, you will automatically receive a notification if there is a malfunction. And you don’t need to have an account for this feature.

Do you want to know the best way to travel with the NS app? In this article you will find out. The app also includes a handy ‘Nearby’ feature. Would you like to test the newest functions for the NS app? Then download the NS Lab app. And do you feel unsafe on the train? Then you can report this immediately via text message or WhatsApp.

Do you still use the NS Beta app? The NS is going to stop using this app. Fortunately, there is an alternative to test the latest features.

Gaiyo one app for your transportation

With Gaiyo exists since 2020 and you can plan your journey from A to B. Gaiyo provides advice for both regional and national carriers. You can purchase your tickets in the app at the NS, RET, Connexxion and Arriva or bus, tram and metro in the GVB, RET, HTM and U-OV.

With Gaiyo you get a standard ten percent discount if you travel during off-peak hours, on weekends or during national holidays. Order your cheap train tickets via the app and receive your ticket directly on your phone.

What stands out about this app are the integrations with shared carriers. When planning your trip, you can immediately see from the app whether you can use a shared scooter, bicycle or even a shared car. If you want to use the shared carriers, you don’t have to leave the Gaiyo app. All the functions of sharing carriers are built into the application. So you can plan, book and pay everything in Gaiyo.

9292 travel app & route planner

If you don’t need a lot of fuss and if you want to be able to easily plan trips with all carriers in the Netherlands, then you’ve come to the right place with the 9292 app. You will receive a notification in your travel advice if there are changes or disruptions on that route that have been planned in advance. For example, if a stop is temporarily unavailable due to construction work, or a public transport strike.

On the start screen, you immediately enter your start (A) and end point (B), after which 9292 shows the fastest travel options. If you have a preference for trains, buses or the metro or tram, you can indicate this on the start screen. For example, if you know that the bus on a specific route is faster than the train by default, enter that 9292 must plan trips with buses.

After a trip has been planned, you will see all parts of the trip, including how to walk to your final destination. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can purchase one in the 9292 app for various carriers. With this 9292 e-ticket on your phone, you can open any gates you encounter along the way. You have the e-ticket quickly at hand during a check by a conductor or when boarding the driver.

Ride the Trains: NS travel planner app & public transport info

If you regularly take the train, this app is a good travel companion. With Rijden de Treinen you can not only check current train times, but you also receive direct information about current train disruptions or work activities via push notifications. In the app you can indicate what your fixed route is. If there is a major train failure on your regular route, you will receive an immediate push message and you will be informed even earlier than the broadcaster at the station. You can also view information about the length or composition of the trains, for example where you can board a bicycle.

Rijden de Treinen also includes a built-in journey planner, which allows you to plan train journeys throughout the Netherlands and to favorite stations, allowing you to compose routes even faster. You can quickly look up the last route or train of the day and Rijden de Treinen provides information about all Dutch rail carriers, including NS, Arriva, Connexxion and Veolia, but also about foreign trains that run through the Netherlands, such as the Thalys or the ICE International.

Local public transport apps

The above apps are especially useful if you travel nationwide. If you usually travel within your own region, you are well served with regional apps from the CFP, RET, Connexxion, EBS, Hermes and Keolis. Are you traveling by car? Check out the best apps for traffic info, traffic jams and traffic.

Strike NS: first check these apps before you go out

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