Swatch x Omega: New strap?

The launch of the Swatch x Omega models was accompanied by a lot of hype and hysteria. Watch enthusiasts worldwide couldn’t wait to get their hands on one or more of the eleven BIOCERAMIC watches – named after the planetary bodies. A unique collaboration that, as expected, received a lot of media attention. Almost a month after the release and since the storm has subsided, we take a look at the Mission to Venus and the Mission to the Moon, in particular the straps.

The Speedmaster is now finally accessible to (almost) all fans.

As you probably know, the launch of the Swatch x Omega only took place in a few physical Swatch stores. In major cities from New York to Tokyo, but also here in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, there were long lines and there were even campers who secured their premium spot in line the night before.

Why the madness anyway? Never before has a luxury watch been re-released as an entry-level model, making it accessible to almost everyone. Unlike a limited edition, Omega and Swatch’s goal was to satisfy as many fans and collectors as possible.

The result? The watches sold like hot cakes… But don’t worry! New shipments are coming, so you too can take advantage if you missed the boat. Although they are for sale for top price on websites such as eBay and Marktplaats, they are not limited editions. Personally, we advise against paying the extortionate prices that scalpers ask.

Long line of Swatch Rotterdam
▴ Long lines in front of the Swatch store in Rotterdam

Mission to Venus

The MoonSwatch Mission to Venus is a watch that represents love. A nice watch that is especially appreciated by ladies. The white Velcro watch strap goes well with the pastel pink of the case and hands. The strap is light as a feather and, as shown in the photos, is printed with Omega and the associated logo and Speedmaster in cursive letters.

Would you prefer a different strap?

Not everyone is happy with the Velcro strap that Swatch has put on these watches as standard, but – unique for Swatch!! – the watch has a straight strap attachment, so you can easily put on a strap that you like!

Good to know: Techzle has plenty of choice when it comes to suitable watch straps for the MoonSwatch models. You can choose from various colors, but our tips for the Mission to Venus are pink and white. Choose a 20 mm strap with a straight start.

The color of the pink strap matches the Mission to Venus perfectly, while the white strap adds an elegant touch to the whole. The two straps serve a different purpose and therefore give a different look to the watch.

Mission to Venus with silicone strap
▴ Mission to Venus with silicone strap

Mission to Venus with original strap
▴ Mission to Venus with original strap

Mission to Venus with leather strap
▴ Mission to Venus with leather strap

Mission to the Moon

The year was 1969. The first watch worn on the moon was an Omega Speedmaster. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had the Moonwatch on their wrist when the first footsteps were set on the moon. Respectively, the ST105.012 and ST145.012. This legendary watch was produced in 1965 and served as the watch during most subsequent moon missions after the first moon mission.

The Swatch Mission to the moon comes closest to the original Omega watch. The original also had a long, adjustable Velcro strap that could be worn over the moon suit.

Speedmaster VS MoonSwatch
▴ Speedmaster VS MoonSwatch*

Astronaut with Omega Speedmaster
▴ Astronaut wears two Omega Speedmasters*

Don’t like the Velcro strap on your MoonSwatch? Then try a leather strap, a sporty silicone strap or a NATO strap. The appearance of the watch changes immediately!

The leather strap is a valuable addition for situations where you are looking for something that exudes chic. The NATO strap is a bit looser and ideal for daily use when you go for a casual look.

Mission to the Moon with leather strap
▴ Mission to the Moon with leather strap*

Mission to the Moon with nato band
▴ Mission to the Moon with NATO strap*

Mission to the Moon with original strap
▴ Mission to the Moon with original strap*

Are you curious about combining other watch straps with the Omega x Swatch? Then take a look at our range of watch straps.

The Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch models will soon be back in stock at Swatch stores. In the meantime, you can find inspiration in our Swatch offering. Here you will find many more interesting Swatch watches such as the Big Bold NASA Models.

*Background photos moon, astronaut and Omega Moon watch from the book: “The Moon watch” by Omega SA, 1995

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