Tailor-made medicine

Theresa Ahrens from the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE in Kaiserslautern explains how disease progression and treatment success can be better predicted in the future… more

In the course of personalized medicine, individual forms of diagnosis and therapy are being researched. Highly stretchable microelectrode arrays enable more precise treatment of diseases… more

Digital twins and a holistic understanding of biology could significantly improve healthcare medicine…. more

Medicines that are tailored precisely to the patient and his illness: What was a utopia a good ten years ago is now beginning to establish itself – and will shape the medicine of tomorrow…. more

A stroke or a chronic illness such as Parkinson’s, migraine or depression causes disturbances in the brain. New brain stimulation methods promise patients relief…. more

New types of biomarkers make it possible to detect Alzheimer’s in the blood and to detect depression using brain waves. In addition, cancer and diseases of the nerves, heart and circulatory system can increasingly be treated individually…. more

Artificial ventilation is often the last resort for Covid-19 – but the measure is tricky. Digital models of patients’ lungs could prevent life-threatening overloads of the organ in the future… more

Anyone who suffers from cancer hopes for a cure. In order to determine how a tumor develops and which treatment is likely to be successful, researchers have developed a virtual reality method for the detailed analysis of tissue samples… more

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