Take a refreshing dip with a waterproof watch

It is the middle of summer, the sparrows are falling dead from the roof. Time for a refreshing dip! Check in advance whether your watch is suitable for swimming. You can read how to do that in this blog.
Don’t have a waterproof watch yet? We have listed our favorites from all price ranges for you.

How do I know if I can swim with my watch?

If you want to be sure you can swim with your watch on, check the water resistance. This is often printed on the dial and/or on the back. We recommend choosing a watch with a minimum of 10 BAR or 10 ATM or 100 meters of water resistance.

Water resistance indication on dial
▴ Water resistance indication on dial

Watertightness indication on the case lid
▴ Watertightness indication on the case lid

Another indication that your watch is waterproof is that the crown is protected against impact and accidental pulling, or is screwed into the case.

Also, watches of 10 ATM and higher usually have a screwed case back.

Screw lid
▴ Screw lid

Screw-down crown with crown protection
▴ Screw-down crown with crown protection

A watch with the indication 5 ATM / 50 meters may also get wet, but is not built for swimming. This has to do with the amount of water pressure that a watch can handle. We therefore advise not to swim with a watch of 5 ATM/50 meters or less.

If you want to know more about the water resistance of watches, read this blog.

The tips from Techzle; Our favorite waterproof watches

Waterproof watches up to 100 euros

Are you looking for a simple waterproof watch, for example for sports or use on holiday? In the Casio and Olympic collections you will find several nice (digital) watches that are 10 or 20 ATM waterproof and yet cost less than 100 euros!

Olympic OL45HKR010
▴ Olympic OL45HKR010

Bestseller: Casio MDV-107-1A2VEF
▴ Bestseller: Casio MDV-107-1A2VEF

G-Shock surf watch BLX-565S-2ER
▴ G-Shock surf watch BLX-565S-2ER

Fashionable waterproof watches from 100-300 euros

In the price range 100-300 euros you will mainly find waterproof watches from fashionable brands, such as Fossil or Ice-Watch. These sporty watches are great for swimming, and the design is such that you can wear them all day long on holiday.

Fossil #Tide
▴ Fossil #Tide

Ice Watch Solar 019546
▴ Ice Watch Solar 019546

Another brand that is strong in this price range is Citizen. This Japanese brand has a large collection of real diving watches for women and men with Promaster.

Bestseller: Festina F20462/1
▴ Bestseller: Festina F20462/1

Citizen EP6051-14L for women
▴ Citizen EP6051-14L for women

(Semi)professional diving watches from 300-500 euros

In Citizen’s Promaster collection you will find not only classic but also (semi-)professional diving watches. Seiko’s extensive Prospex collection, including PADI certified diving watches, is of the same caliber.

Seiko Prospex SNE549P1 with PADI certification
▴ Seiko Prospex SNE549P1 with PADI certification

Citizen Promaster with helium valve BN2038-01L
▴ Citizen Promaster with helium valve BN2038-01L

Luminox military watches must be able to withstand extreme conditions. Good water resistance is appropriate for this. Orient’s diving watches are classic and very suitable to wear with a suit.

Luminox Sea XS.8903.ECO 8900 - #TIDE Eco Series
▴ Luminox Sea XS.8903.ECO 8900 – #TIDE Eco Series

Orient Mako RA-AA0812L19B
▴Orient Mako RA-AA0812L19B

Luxury waterproof watches (more than 500 euros)

Techzle has plenty to choose from for lovers of luxury (Swiss) watches. Certina diving watches are very waterproof due to the unique DS concept. Edox also has its own waterproofing system that has already proven itself extensively in professional deep-sea diving.

Certina Aqua C0329511104100 DS Action lady
▴ Certina Aqua C0329511104100 DS Action lady

80120-3NM-BUIDN - Edox - Skydiver Neptunian
▴ 80120-3NM-BUIDN – Edox – Skydiver Neptunian

Other Swiss brands with particularly beautiful, extremely waterproof watches in the collection are Tissot and Hamilton.

Tissot T-Sport T1204071104103 Seastar
▴ Tissot T-Sport T1204071104103 Seastar

Hamilton Khaki H82505150 Scuba
▴ Hamilton Khaki H82505150 Scuba

Even more waterproof watches at Techzle

We have shown you a few of our favorite waterproof watches in this blog. Is your favorite not listed? Keep a cool head and check out our waterproof watches page for many more watches with 10 ATM or 20 ATM water resistance.

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