Tesla app update: your iPhone becomes an even better car key

Tesla owners take note: an update to the Tesla app will make your iPhone an even better car key. We’ll tell you how!

Tesla app update: your iPhone becomes an even better car key

Tesla has released an update to the software. Not very exciting in itself, except that they will now support the Ultra Wideband. You may have heard of that because the iPhone has that feature built in (iPhone 11 and later, excluding iPhone SE models).

tesla phone key

The iPhone uses the Ultra Wideband, among other things, with the ‘Search Nearby’ function if you want to find your AirTag or the AirPods Pro 2 at home. It is nice that the function is now also available in the Tesla app.

You can already use your iPhone as a car key for your Tesla, but now with Ultra Wideband support, this function works more accurately and reliably.

So you need an iPhone that has the Ultra Wideband for this. Your Tesla must also have Ultra Wideband. These are the recent Model 3 (Highland) or a 2023 Model

Tesla: Still no support for CarPlay

Even though your iPhone is now a better car key, Tesla is lagging behind in other areas. Tesla still does not support Apple CarPlay. It doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon.

apple carplay gm stops

Musk has never shown interest in CarPlay and is sticking to Tesla’s own operating system for the time being. It’s a shame, because CarPlay works a little better for iPhone owners. But for the time being that is not possible and Tesla users will have to make do without CarPlay.

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